Strap-On Pleasures Dilemma: Am I Gay

Strap-On Pleasures Dilemma: Am I Gay? I have a girlfriend, and I love her. I’m straight that’s for sure but… what if I liked when she used a strap-on dildo? Am I gay? In the world of LGBT, the use of strap-on dildos and its variants are pretty well understood. These devices help to facilitate […]

Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant

  Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant? “Honey! Look, it’s positive.” The insurmountable shared joy and happiness gush out the both of you in the small, cramped-up bathroom that seems too tiny to contain all those emotions. A few weeks passed by and both of you have grown and developed this new […]

How To Tell If She’s Into You

Are you finding yourself in limbo with a lady you like? You probably talk to her often, ask her out on dates, and maybe have even gone on a few with her, but you’re still unsure if she’s interested. There are many signs to tell if She’s Into You, but here a few proven ones […]