How To Use Cock Rings For Beginners

Cock Rings are a cheap yet highly effective sex toy for enhancing pleasures, but if you’ve never used one before, you may be scratching your head thinking, How do I use a cock ring? This is where we’re here to help. It’s no wonder these stretchy penis bands are so popular; as previously mentioned, they […]

How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners

How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners You’ve landed on your sex toy website of choice, and you’re looking at the endless variety of anal toys they have to offer when you spot some anal beads. If you’ve never used them before, you may be asking yourself, how do I use anal beads? It’s no […]

The Modern Sex Toys Of Today

It’s not surprising as the years progress that sex toys are becoming more popular day by day. It used to be a taboo subject, and no one would ever admit to owning one, but now times have changed, and we think it’s for the better. Read on to find out which sex toys were right […]

The Rocks Off Chaiamo: A Vibrating Wonder

The Rocks Off Chaiamo: A Vibrating Wonder               We all know Rocks Off produce some of the best quality sex toys, and here we have another addition, the Chaiamo Rechargeable Vibrator. When you want divine pleasure at your fingertips, the Chaiamo is a perfect choice. It not only looks […]

The Best Anal Sex Toys To Try

  Some of the Best Anal Sex Toys To Try It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an experienced player; everyone can learn something when finding a fantastic Anal Sex Toy To Try. Like many other toys, there’s a variety of options to choose from, making your next butt play session that much more […]

Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant

  Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant? “Honey! Look, it’s positive.” The insurmountable shared joy and happiness gush out the both of you in the small, cramped-up bathroom that seems too tiny to contain all those emotions. A few weeks passed by, and both of you have grown and developed this new […]

What’s in your Sex Toys?

    Find out What’s in your Sex Toys? The sex toy industry is a unique one. Any agency does not regulate it, so the same rules applied to other products do not apply to sex toys. You won’t necessarily see a warning label or a list of things a sex toy contains when purchasing […]

Why Men Love Big Boobs

There’s no secret when it comes to figuring out why men love big boobs. They are comfortable to lay on when you’ve had a hard day, great to look at any time of the day, and overall just a great addition to the female anatomy. So it’s no wonder that many men have an extreme […]

Guide to Mutual Masturbation

Your Guide to Mutual Masturbation for couples who want to self-pleasure. For some reason, people believe that masturbating is not something you do with your partner. Many people think that masturbating is, in fact, a single person’s activity since when you have a significant other, you two can have sex, right? There are many ways […]

Ten of the Sexiest Scenes from Fifty Shades Darker

Ten of the sexiest scenes from Fifty Shades Darker For those who love the Fifty Shades trilogy, the release of Fifty Shades Darker has got fans ‘whipped’ into a frenzy of excitement. Back are the sexual shenanigans of Christian and Anastasia, and for those who got a little hot under the collar during the first […]

How to use a Vibrator for Vibe Virgins

Now that you know about the many uses of sex toys, you can put all of your knowledge to good use. You may have been shopping around on, hopefully, and have decided that you want something simple to start with. After going through a few pages of sex toys, you find that you like […]

Myths about Sex Toys

  By searching the internet or watching daytime television, you’ve probably heard many myths about sex toys. There’s always been this stigma surrounding sex toys, and for years many people saw them as unacceptable. Just a few decades ago, they were called massagers. Now a lot of people are seeing them for what they really […]

Female Orgasm Tips

Thousands of women have problems reaching their climax. You might be surprised, but plenty of women don’t even know about their spot. Many try different methods to see if they can achieve the mind-blowing orgasm they hear others talk about but fail to come up short. If you’re searching for female orgasm tips, then you’ve […]

The Kinky World of BDSM & Femdom’s

Femdom, the domination of a woman sexually on her mate, has grown increasingly popular over the years. When we usually read about BDSM, we often see articles that talk about Masters dominating their submissive women. The movie 50 Shades of Grey is a clear cut example of how men are seen dominating in the BDSM […]

FREE Sex Toys For Sex Toy Testers

FREE Sex Toys For Sex Toy Testers at Adultshopit, that’s right folks, you have read right. We are giving away Free Sex Toys. If you are a Sex Toy Tester and Reviewer and have your own blog, you can contact us through our Contact Page. Leave your details, and we will get back to you […]

Cuckolding in long term relationships

Do you have a sexual fetish that some don’t understand? Have you been searching for ways to satisfy your fetish? Many men and women have sexual fetishes that we all have thought about at some point in time. Whether it’s getting off on watching someone have sex or roleplaying, we all have some common sexual […]

Lesbian Couples and Their Sex Toys

  Many of the sex toy articles we see on the internet or in magazines are geared towards heterosexual couples. We always see sex tips for men and women in relationships but rarely see topics about other couples. There are plenty of adult toys for lesbian couples. That includes some that you might have not […]

How To Spank During Sex

While you and your partner are in the bedroom enjoying some kinky roleplay, the word spanking may have been thrown away a time or two. Many people enjoy erotic spanking and love the kinky connotation of it all. Let’s face it, more people now than ever are really exploring different ways of making their lovemaking […]

Foot Fetish Toys

It’s no secret that the topic of sexual fetishes is on the rise. More people are exploring different fetishes and finding out that some of them are ones they’ve enjoyed all along. Just about anything can be a fetish, even things you may find particularly peculiar. Enjoy rubbing on women’s hands?  There’s a fetish for […]

Extreme Bondage Sex Toys

You’ve probably heard of plenty of kinky fetishes, especially after reading the articles in our blog. Maybe you’ve even taken our word for a few things and decided to purchase some kinky items of your own. For the most part, we’ve touched on general fetishes and sex toys that many can use. Now we’re going […]

How to Introduce Sex Toys into your Relationship

So you finally want to try something new in the bedroom with your partner. You’ve researched different ways to have fun in the bedroom, and you stumble across something interesting. Many couples try to find new things to introduce into their sexual encounters. Couples are tired of the same ordinary routines and want to spice […]

Why Sex Sells?

The sex industry is a 2 billion dollar a year industry. People learn how to stimulate themselves in more ways than one by calling phone sex lines, buying webcam shows, purchasing porn, and buying sex toys. The true reason sex sells is that people are given multiple ways to give in to their sexual fantasies. […]

Sex Toy Safety Guide

                                                 As a human being, you have the right to receive sexual gratification. How you achieve your orgasms is completely up to you, but it’s important to remain safe doing it. There […]

The History of Sex Toys

The topic of sex toys no longer makes people feel uncomfortable. Years ago, when they were still new, and people weren’t sure how they felt about them yet, they were negatively connotated. Now that people are more open to speaking about them, we can all share our experiences and learn more about them openly. When […]