Sex Toys and Boudoir Secrets of Escorts in London

When you’re by yourself and want to engage in self-pleasure, how do you go about doing so? Chances are, most often than not, you depend on just your hands to get the job done. And while they may be reliable enough, there are times when you need something more to enhance the experience. The solution–sex […]

4 Kinky Bondage Roleplays

If you like kinky bondage roleplays as much as we do, you’ll love these scenarios where you can put your acting skills to the test. All you need is a partner, a costume or two, and a very vivid imagination. Kinky Bondage Roleplays To Try 1.    Cops and Robbers Well, maybe not exactly cops and […]

Real Tits Vs Fake Tits

The big debate of whether real tits or fake tits are better has been the topic of many conversations. Everyone, of course, has their own opinion of what they feel is better. Real tits are natural, so they feel better to some, while fake tits can be made to be exactly how you want them. […]

Extreme Bondage Sex Toys

You’ve probably heard of plenty of kinky fetishes, especially after reading the articles in our blog. Maybe you’ve even taken our word for a few things and decided to purchase some kinky items of your own. For the most part, we’ve touched on general fetishes and sex toys that many can use. Now we’re going […]

Spice up your Sex Life and try some Toys

    Many of us have wanted to try sex toys at some point. Movies, daytime tv, and other shows talk about how healthy regular sex life is. Maybe you don’t have any trouble in that department, but you are curious about how you can make your sex life better. Well, you’re in luck here […]

Best Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together

If you’ve read our previous blog posts about how to use sex toys and using them during roleplays, then you should probably already have a good understanding of their main uses. However, you might still be wondering what the Best Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together are. If you and your partner are new […]

Want a bigger dick then read this…..

                                                      Want a bigger dick, then read this, Everyone knows about the different products out there for women. Of course, it may seem that women get all of the […]

Men can have fun with Sex Toys too

Men can have fun with Sex Toys too. Women are not the only ones who get to have all of the fun with their large variety of sex toys. Men, there are plenty of ways you can have fun too. Penis pumps, prostate massagers, and male masturbators should always be a few things you keep […]