Do Some People Have A Small Penis Fetish


In our past articles we’ve covered almost every fetish imaginable. From big boobs to even nocturnal beings such as vampires. However there is one fetish we have yet to dig deep into. If you’ve ever asked yourself do some people have a small penis fetish then you’re in luck. It’s no secret that some people have a strong liking to those who are not so well endowed. In fact many who have small penises receive sexual gratification from those who shame them for being so tiny in their private region. Don’t believe us? We’re sure you’ll find this read very interesting.

Small Penis? sometimes good things come in small packages

Life for those with a small penis doesn’t have to be so depressing after all. The small penis fetish is usually called small penis humiliation where men enjoy being shamed for having a tiny penis. We see this a lot in the bdsm community where both masters and mistresses have subs and slaves who they actively practice small penis humiliation (sph) on. Usually verbal abuse is the most used method in sph. Derogatory language with sometimes a dose of public humiliation is often the go to punishment for subs and slaves. However, each person who has a small penis fetish enjoys different aspects of it and carries out things in sometimes unique ways.

Small Penis Humiliation

Verbal abuse along with small penis humiliation is just the tip of the iceberg. Some men base their entire lives around this interesting fetish. They may cruise the internet for hours trying to find the perfect mistress or master to satisfy their needs or they may go out and actually find someone in the flesh to belittle them.
Every man responds to things different when it comes to poking fun at his penis. While some enjoy just being ridiculed over the phone some crave public humiliation and having their penis compared to bigger men. The point of the small penis fetish is to tap into the mans’ weak side and have him really believe that he is a lesser individual than a man with a bigger penis.

Cuckolding, watching your partner have sex with a more well-endowed man

If you remember a while back in a previous article we discussed erotic fetishes. While remembering the definition of a fetish, let’s take into account the men who may not get turned on by the verbal abuse in small penis humiliation. There are some who enjoy erotic humiliation in a sense. Erotic humiliation is basically humiliating someone to produce sexual excitement. For example, this could mean a Mistress making her sub or slave watch her be pleased by a man with a bigger penis and he somewhat actively participates.

This could also mean a Master stroking his bigger than life cock in front of his sub telling him he knows that he wants a cock as huge as his but would never be able to achieve a size so big. The mistress may limit the amount of times he’s allowed to have sex while the mistess has it as many times as she likes with manlier men as he watches. There are many ways erotic humiliation can be incorporated into the small penis fetish you just may have to get a little creative.

Big or Small, there’s loads of fun to be had

You may be asking yourself why do some men with small penises and have the fetish and others don’t? After all there’s nothing wrong with having a small penis, right? Well it really all boils down the individual just like with anything else. Usually men who are submissive enjoy being shamed about their small penis size. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are men who possess no power and are the black sheep of society. Often people who are submissive hold very high positions of power in society. Some even have families. When they aren’t at their 9 to 5, some like to tap into a not so powerful position or their submissive side. This is perfect for those with a small penis fetish.

If you’re someone who is actually familiar with the small penis fetish through watching adult films or have hands on experience you may actually notice that some of the men who enjoy the fetish actually do not have small penises at all. The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to actually be on the small side to enjoy yourself. In fact many men who have the fetish have average size penises or are larger than normal. Does this mean that they shouldn’t enjoy the fetish? Not at all. As we stated previously it’s really a mind thing. With this fetish men enjoy having their mind toyed with to believe something that may not necessarily be true. We have to keep in mind that sometimes some men like to escape their masculine reality and indulge into a sweet fantasy.

Share you Small Penis Fetish with others

Some men who have a small penis fetish may have a hard time finding someone who will share this fetish with them. The great thing about the internet is that there are now a ton of fetish communities and even some forums dedicated to men with a fetish for a small penis. There’s no need to hide your true desires when you can share them with someone with a simple click of the mouse. Remember there are married men who actively practice their small penis fetish with their spouses with no problem.

Of course it’s important to set boundaries and figure out what you are comfortable with first before deciding on anything, but there are plenty of people just waiting to share this fetish with you.
So, do some people have a small penis fetish? The answer is yes! Thousands do, if not more and the number keeps on growing. People are now more than ever tapping into their forbidden side and actually indulging into things they used to not be comfortable even discussing. If you want to read up more on the small penis fetish, look around on the internet or keep a close eye on our blog because you never know what other interesting article that may pop up discussing a very interesting fetish that may grab your attention.

Before you read this article did you ever wonder if some people had a small penis fetish? Do you or someone you know actually have one?

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