Gamers and their Sex Lives

Gamers and their Sex Lives 1

Are Gamers Sex Lives at risk?

It’s no secret that both men and women enjoy indulging in the gaming culture. From fighting creatures and saving nations, video games help people escape the daily hustle and bustle by putting them into a completely different dimension. For some, games just add onto their life while others are completely controlled by them. Gaming has many effects, but are gamers and their sex lives really at risk?

It may be easy for some to step away from their favorite gaming system, but for others it can be a hard task. So many become fully enthralled into games that they sometimes lack in other areas such as the bedroom. Many studies have been done about gamers and their sex lives to show the real effects of constantly playing games. While some studies show that being a gamer has absolutely nothing to do with what goes in the bedroom, other studies showed that some men actually reported being more interested in their games than doing anything sexual with their partner. Of course, there are many factors to take into place with these types of studies, but can being an avid player really decrease someone’s sex drive?

There’s a huge difference between playing a game occasionally because someone enjoys it, and being someone who is a chronic abuser and can’t seem to put down the controller. If you are the latter, then it may affect your sex life. Many fail to realize that being addicted to video games is like any other addiction. What usually happens when you are addicted to something? You lose interest in everything else. Your sole purpose for living is usually that one thing and you forget the other things in your life that used to make you happy. So, while you’re spending your days and night glued to your game, your mate is not seeing as much of you in any type of setting including the bedroom.

There are a few researchers that have concluded that one reason men’s sex drive decreases because of their gaming habit is because they get a type of gratification through playing games. While studies are still being done on this, it’s suggested that some male gamers become overly stimulated while playing games making them less interested in having an orgasm during sex. Some video games require using physical activity that can take a lot out of person making them not as interested in sex as well. Virtual games that consoles such as the PlayStation has made the gaming experience seem more real and even more appealing. This is another possible reason for the lack of sex in the bedroom when you are with a gamer.

Female Gamers have more sex

While it appears that male gamers have less sex, female gamers reportedly have more. There may not be any solid reason as to why this is, but a survey conducted by Gametart interviewed women and asked those who gamed and those who don’t how many times they have sex in a week. The ones who gamed had more sex than those who don’t. One reason could be that gaming is a good bonding tool. It’s no secret that partners who share common interests usually get along better in every aspect of their relationship sex included. Playing video games might be foreplay for some while for others it may help their overall health.

Some researchers suggest that playing video games helps a person’s overall mental health. Video games that make players think and use their brain to complete missions can actually assist in improving their cognitive functions. You may not believe it, but shooting games such as Halo and games which require missions to be completed such as Grand Theft Auto, require patience and actual thinking to make sure the best choices are being made to level up in the game. While this might not seem like a big deal to many, it may help those who are not gamers see the fascination their partners or other loved ones have for their favorite games.

The direct link between gamers and their sex lives may be a mystery we need to explore further. Through researcher’s efforts we are that much closer to seeing how both men and women have different effects when it comes to their need for video games. While it seems that men are more negatively affected, women have more positive effects with their sex lives when it comes to gaming. Creating an open dialogue and taking into account all aspects of gaming can help us all identify any issues that may come into play in regards to still having a healthy sex life.

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