Games For An Adult Halloween Party


Games For An Adult Halloween Party 1

Finding games for an adult Halloween party can be a little tricky. On the one hand, you want to enjoy all the fun of Halloween. But on the other hand, you want party games that adults will want to get involved with. With Halloween fast becoming one of the best-loved occasions in the world, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your friends together and have some fun.
Our guide to games for an Adult Halloween Party covers the fun, the freaky, and the downright filthiest games to play at your party for those planning a Halloween Party. Even better, each game doesn’t cost a penny or is very cheap to put together. For those of you who want to enjoy Halloween as a couple, check out our 5 Kinky Halloween Fetishes and get spooky together. So let’s start with the first spooky game, Guess Whooooooooooo.

Guess Whooooooooooo

This game is the perfect adult party game for breaking the ice. As your party guests arrive, tape the name of a horror-themed character, horror film star or animal to their back. Invite guests to ask questions of the other guests in which they are only allowed to respond with a Yes or No. Players can ask one question per guest and are encouraged to move around the room. The first player to guess their character correctly is the winner.

Petrifying Pairs

Another ice-breaking party game for Halloween takes places when the guests arrive. Give each guest a card. Each card has half of a pair written on it. For example, Card 1 could say, Vampire, and Card 2 could say Bat. The other could say, Witch, and the corresponding card could say Broomstick. Each player must speak to the other guests to see if they can find their match. The first to pair up are the winners—what a spooky game.

Monster Relay

Pick up some horror-themed sweets, flavoured condoms or any ghoulish items that are easily transported. Players must line up and put a spoon in their mouths. The game aims to pick up the item from the bowl using just their mouths and the spoon, walk across the room with it and pass the object to another player. The new player has to move the sweet to the player behind. If the item drops onto the floor, the player who falls must walk to the bowl and repeat the process until the item reaches the last player. The team who finishes first are the winners.

Halloween Bingo

Halloween bingo is a great way to get your party guests together and getting to know each other. Once your guests have arrived, put them into small teams and hand each team a bingo card that you have created with several items that they need to photograph. These items can be as fun, rude and silly as you like and strategically placed in and around the party venue.
For example, a sexy pair of stockings taken from a naughty witch or a Halloween themed vibrator (this is a great conversation starter).
Once they have found the item, they take a picture of it and cross it off their card. Because each team has different things on their card, this helps prevent overcrowding of specific areas and keeps up competitiveness. This game is an excellent Halloween game for adults who don’t know each other because people need to interact. Don’t be afraid to split up friendship groups and encourage people to make new friends. This game also works well with video too as this helps guests be silly and have lots of fun with the items.

Halloween Movie Quotes

This Adult Halloween Party Game is played in two teams. Invite a team member to choose a piece of paper out of a dish. There is a written quote from a scary film on the paper—the first team to guess which film the quote is from wins a point. The winning team are the one with the most points.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is a drinking game in which participants gulp a drink if they HAVE done the act in question. These questions are great for later on in the evening when some guests are already a little drunk because it’s a chance to have a real giggle.
Questions all start with, ‘Never have I ever….’ and can have a Halloween theme such as, ‘Never have I ever used a vibrator at Halloween.’ Those who have used a vibrator on Halloween will take a sip of their drink, and those who haven’t do. To mix things up a little more, encourage other guests to ask questions too.

Howling Contest

The howling contest game is a straightforward Halloween party game for adult guests, but it is great fun and will have everyone giggling. Ask your guests to howl their most unusual and unique wolf howl. The best one wins a prize.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Use boxes for that Halloween party game as it helps to conceal the contents of the box. Paint each box black and cut out holes for the guests to put their hands in. Put the items in a bowl inside the box. Create an atmosphere by dimming the lights and blindfolding each guest as they approach the box.
Explain to the guests that Frankenstein has gone out of town to visit family and has left you in charge of the laboratory. However, a massive gust of wind caused all the boxes of body parts to tumble to the floor, and you need volunteers to identify and label the pieces before he returns.
Each guest tries one box and must use their hands to identify the items. If volunteers are unable to guess their item correctly, invite someone else to take a turn.

Here are some ideas to use:

Peeled grapes Eyes
Dried apricots Ears
Cooked Cauliflower Brains
Tinned Baby Carrots Toes
Popcorn Kernels Teeth
Plum Tomatoes Hearts
Tinned Spaghetti Guts
Tinned Peaches Liver
Peanut Butter Ear Wax (VERY IMPORTANT – Remember to check for nut allergies)
Dried Spaghetti Bones

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a fun Adult Halloween Party game to play later when the guests are a little tipsy. The rules are straightforward, count to twenty and invite your guests to hide in and around the party venue. The last guest still hiding is the winner!
Costumes and Props for your Halloween Party Games
Halloween is a great time to get together and have fun with your friends. However, for lots of couples, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up and enjoy intimate roleplay. If you’re shopping for something spooktacular this Halloween, why not take a look at our collection of sexy Halloween costumes and sexy stockings.

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