How To Tell If She’s Into You

How To Tell If She's Into You

Are you finding yourself in limbo with a lady you like? You probably talk to her often, ask her out on dates, and maybe have even gone on a few with her, but you’re still unsure if she’s interested. There are many signs to tell if She’s Into You, but here a few proven ones that will finally ease your mind.

Actions speak louder than words

Non-verbal behaviour is everything when it comes to women; they usually show you more with what they do than with their words. When you two are spending time together, does she look into your eyes when she talks to you or do you find that her eyes are always wandering? If she’s focusing on what you’re saying, then she generally will look directly at you when you’re speaking or when she is talking to you, indicating that she may like you. Other non-verbal signals such as licking her lips or playing with her hair can be her flirting and trying to entice you.

Teasing may mean that She’s Into You

If she’s always trying to find different ways to tease you about something you do or say, then she may be into you as well. If you think back to your younger days in primary school, you might remember a boy or girl teasing you about something. You might have even gone home and told your parents about it and in return, they explained that boys and girls sometimes do that when they like you. The same thing can apply when dating as an adult. Some women may be shy about telling their true feelings for someone, so instead, they tease. If the teasing is flirty and fun, then you can probably bet she’s into you.

Is She Getting Touchy Feely?

Have you ever tried touching your girl crush? Did she accept your warm embrace, or did she try to move as far as possible away from you? Her gestures can show you a lot of stuff about her personality including if she feels some type of way about you. You can put your mind at ease if she warms up to your touch and accepts the feeling.

Does She Phone You

While women usually love men to initiate conversation, sometimes your lady of interest will text or call you first if she’s really into you. By doing this, she might be trying to go out of her way to show you that she likes you and wants to move to the next phase of your budding romance. Perhaps she wants a relationship with you and is hoping you take her frequent calls and texts as a sign.

Your lady friend may like dropping little hints that you tickle her fancy, by telling you that she has nothing planned for the upcoming weekend. By her telling you that she would like to go somewhere but hasn’t got anything planned, might be her way of saying she wants you to take her out.
In most cases, your future lady love will generally ask you personal questions if she’s into you as well. Asking questions about your background, what you’re looking for, and where you see yourself in the future, is a dead giveaway. She’s asking these questions because she wants to know if she can see herself with you and at the same time learn more about you.

There are many signs when it comes to figuring out if someone is into you or not. Their body language, verbal commands, and any other hints they drop will let you know if she’s interested. If all else fails, you can always ask her directly if she wants to go on a few dates or not. Sometimes the direct approach is best.

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    I can tell when a woman likes you she lets you put her legs behind her ears.

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