Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant


Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant 1

Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant?

“Honey! Look, it’s positive.”

The insurmountable shared joy and happiness gush out the both of you in the small, cramped-up bathroom that seems too tiny to contain all those emotions.

A few weeks passed by and both of you have grown and developed this new connection – the growing child created by the both of you.

At the back of both your minds, some thoughts might have flashed through. You don’t want to talk about it with your spouse. You feel a tad bit guilty for even fantasising those thoughts.

Let me address the elephant in the room real quick – you feel an intense desire to have an intimate moment once again.

Can I Still Have Sex While Pregnant?

The short answer that you’ll probably hate me for – depends.

But experts do say that in general circumstances, it is okay and safe to make love while you (or your wife) is pregnant.

Why is it safe?

Here are a few reasons that will help you let out a sigh of relief:
Amniotic sac and strong uterus muscles protect your baby
Thick mucus plug helps to prevent infections
Normal or low-risk pregnancies will not result in miscarriage or labour even with sexual stimulation or orgasm

Pleasure Level: Higher, Lower, or No Difference

Because more blood is distributed to the pelvic area, engorged, and sensitivity levels are intensified, Which would lead to more pleasure. Plus, the increase in secretion aids in lubrication – a plus point.

Sex Toys While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

If natural penetration is deemed as safe, sex toys aren’t much of a worry.

To ensure the safety of both mother and child while using sex toys, it is highly imperative that you take note of the following.

Maintain Good Hygiene of Sex Toys

Washing the sex toys with warm, soapy water and drying them thoroughly is a step that you should never skip! And I mean, never.

You should always wash your toys before and after each use.

Stick to One Entry Point

In the heat of the moment, you might make foolish decisions, and this is one you should never do. Do not use the same sex toy for both anal and vaginal entry points.

The faecal bacteria from the rear end, when introduced to the delicate and highly-maintained environment of the vagina, will lead to high risks of infections.

Doing this is harmful to both the mother and the baby. Although we mentioned earlier that the thick mucus protects the baby from infections, you wouldn’t want to put anything on the line when it comes to your precious baby.

Go Phthalate-free

There are some materials that it’s advisable to avoid such as plastic sex toys that contain phthalate. Phthalate is notorious for messing up the hormonal balance in the body. Even infant products such as milk bottles, pacifiers, and teething toys have gone phthalate-free.

It should be no different when it comes to using a sex toy with a pregnant mother.

Choose phthalate-free sex toys to ensure that both baby and mother are safe.


Yes, it is safe to use sex toys during pregnancy, but it is always best to consult a practitioner or midwife first.

Have you got pregnancy stories you would like to share on this subject? Did you use sex toys or have sex while you were pregnant? We would love to hear from you.

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