Is Sex Better In Long-Term Relationships

Is Sex Better In Long-Term Relationships 1

It’s no secret that sex is an essential component in many relationships. Sex not only allows individuals to show their feelings for someone through physical activity, but it also allows us to release a happy chemical that makes us all feel good inside. While some of us call it making love, others enjoy the feeling of it all whether it’s with a spouse or a one night stand. Those who like consistency prefer experiencing sex with someone they’ve been with for a while since that person usually knows what gets their blood boiling and knows all of their hot spots. So, Is Sex Better In Long-Term Relationships?

Better Sex in Long-Term Relationships

When answering this question, there are several factors to look into. The personality of the two lovers, the time they’ve been together, and how well they communicate are just a few things to consider. While sex can be great with someone no matter how long you’ve been with them, a partner you’ve been with for years usually knows your body best. The time they’ve spent with you, they know what makes you tick and how and where you like to be touched. Now while this may be true sometimes, being with someone long term doesn’t mean they know you like you think they should. You might know someone who has been with their partner for a decade, and he or she still doesn’t know how to please them in the bedroom. This person may even be you. You may drop subtle hints on what you do and don’t like sexually, but for some reason, your partner still isn’t quite getting it.

Don’t get stuck in boring routines

Sex therapists theorise that some couples in long terms relationships don’t have better sex because they make everything so normal. Sex doesn’t have to be boring even if you’ve been with someone for five years or six days. People often get into a routine that takes the thrill out of their relationships including sex. Everyone enjoys some spontaneity. Planning sex around busy schedules is not what anyone desires.
Some believe that people in long terms relationships have more sex. While it’s normal to feel this way, it’s not always true. Just because you live with someone and you’re around them most of the time, doesn’t mean that your sex life is good. In fact, some report that the less they are around their mate makes sex more exciting. Maybe it’s because absence does make the heart grow fonder so when mates reconnect, it makes the sex that much more erotic.

Communication is key

Usually, people who are in long-term relationships know how to communicate better. A strong connection is vital in any partnership. When it comes to a sexual one, an erotic bond is even more critical. As humans, we all crave a deep feeling with someone. Any healthy relationship requires time, effort, and understanding among other things. While it’s not a fact, those who are in long-term relationships usually know how to speak to their partner and solve any issues they may be having.

Women are known to have better sex in long-term relationships. They are more comfortable with their partners and aren’t ashamed to do certain things in the bedroom. Orgasms are usually more intense and more frequent in long-term relationships as well. It could be because women often teach their partners how to help them climax and in return, their mate learns how to perfect that skill.

So, is sex better in long-term relationships? Based on research it may in fact be. However, this may not be the case for everyone. While we would like to believe that our partner we’ve been with for years knows how to cater to our body, that may not be true. You must take everything into consideration when taking an in-depth look into any sexual relationship.

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