Kink Vs Fetish What’s The Difference

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At some point in our lives, we’ve been completely turned on by something that turned into an intense sexual desire. Maybe you were turned on by the curve in a woman’s foot, or perhaps you love the thought of being used as a personal toilet. Kinks and fetishes are just like opinions, we all have them. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. So in the great debate of kink vs fetish, what’s the difference?

What is a kink?

Generally speaking, a kink is something that is seen as abnormal to the public. Kinks are usually seen as being abnormal because they do not fall into the norm of society’s beliefs regarding sexual activity. It’s an unusual sexual taste pertaining to a certain behaviour. Something kinky or a kink could be as simple as someone being spanked while wearing latex to as extreme as someone licking up urine while watching the news. It may sound odd, but in some shape or form, everyone has their own personal kinks they enjoy.

What is a fetish?

Fetishes usually have everything to do with something sexual. Having a fetish means you are aroused by something in particular such as an object or a specific body part. A person can have fetishes that are extremely kinky, but kinks are not seen as fetishes. Confused yet? Think of it in this way. Fetishes are the main courses and kinks are like a side dish. Fetishes show us what our true kinks are.
Now that you know the difference between the two, let’s get into some specifics.

Some of the most common fetishes most of us understand are foot fetishes, cock and ball torture, spanking, BDSM, and cuckolding. However, there are many fetishes that are outside of the norm(no not kinks!), that plenty of us enjoy. The most extreme would most likely be Cannibalism. While it is illegal to feast on someone’s flesh, many just have a fantasy for it. Most don’t necessarily act on the fetish, but during certain times of the year such as Halloween, they get to experience it as closely as possible.

Age play, female domination, roleplaying, lingerie, and bondage are probably some of the most common kinks. Now remember fetishes have a direct link to kinks, but kinks don’t necessarily have anything to do with fetishes. We did state earlier that bdsm was considered a fetish, but we’re mentioning it again here as a kink. Let’s explain. Bondage is considered a branch on the big bdsm tree. It goes hand and hand with dominance and submission. Objects during a bondage session turn on the submissive partner making it a fetish, but depending on the setting and what else is taking place it’s also considered a kink.

So now that you’ve learned about kink vs fetish what’s the difference, do you have a better understanding or are you still completely confused? It may be a bit of a learning curve but there is one distinct difference between the two. While fetishes are the cake, kinks are just the icing on top. They make our fetishes more intense and can make for a more better overall experience. Literally anything can be a fetish. Maybe you’re turned on by women’s legs, pubic hair, or even a couch. Once you figure out your fetish, then you can explore what type of kink to pair it with.
Do you have a specific kink or fetish? Before you read this article did you know the difference or are you just figuring things out now? Let us know in the comments below!

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