Realistic Butts

Realistic Butts are perfect for those who love the booty. Our fabulous selection of Anal Masturbators will take your anal and Vaginal play to whole new extremes. Choose from our range of Realistic Female Asses and Men’s Asses. Some of them Twerk and Vibrate for an even more realistic experience. These tight asses are perfect for grabbing hold of  Smacking and penetrating until you climax.

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Realistic Butts for incredible anal sex

A Realistic Butt Masturbator will give you all the sensations and feelings of Anal Sex. If you’re a fan of vaginal sex, too, then choose a Masturbator that has a vaginal opening as well as an anal opening for double the delights. These types of Male Sex Toys are supremely realistic in their looks and touch. Most are made of life-like materials that feel fleshy to the touch for an exceptionally realistic experience. These Realistic Asses come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, just like real bottoms. Add some Anal Lubricant to the booty of your choice and thrust inside its tight ass until you cum. Some of these Life-like Asses are moulded from real adult stars, like the Jessica Drake Forbidden Fleshlight. So if you’re an Ass Fan and you love a shapely rear, you’re in the right place.

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