Sex Toys and Boudoir Secrets of Escorts in London

When you’re by yourself and want to engage in self-pleasure, how do you go about doing so? Chances are, most often than not, you depend on just your hands to get the job done. And while they may be reliable enough, there are times when you need something more to enhance the experience.
The solution–sex toys.
Sex toys can add more pleasure in the bedroom or anywhere else you may fancy than your body can. These toys offer tactile stimulation through various modes like pulse and vibrate. They bring more intense sensations that stimulate the imagination and body at the same time.
But what could be something better than using toys solo?
Sex toys can let you experience sensations more intensely, especially if you have a partner who knows how to use them the right way. In the world of escort services, sex toys can play a huge role. Some sex toys help the person reach their climax more quickly. Meanwhile, other toys are used for roleplay or to satisfy a certain fetish.
Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside an escort’s secret sex toy box in their boudoir. Discover below how these toys and accessories bring more intensity to the game.

Sex Toy Must-Haves

One of the most popular toys, vibrators, may be used internally or externally. They’re built with different pulsating patterns, from a delicate massage to a more aggressive vibration. Some vibrator models are battery-operated, while others are activated via remote control.
Coming in various forms and sizes, you’ll find vibrators shaped like wands and some as long as 28 centimetres. Others are as small as a bullet or egg-shaped, commonly known as love eggs. There are also waterproof vibrators that can join you in the pool, tub or shower.
Wearable vibrators offer more functionality. Some attach to a dildo. Others are more discreet in appearance and can come in the form of a stylish pendant necklace.
No matter their shape and size, vibrators can hit someone’s sweet spot and deliver multiple thrills.


Dildos are usually made from soft materials like silicone and rubber to mimic the sensation of the real thing. However, depending on someone’s preferred feel, there are also dildos made of plastic, glass and even metal.
Dildos are available in unique designs and textures. Some take inspiration from the anatomies of mythical creatures and animals, which comes in handy if you’re into fantasy roleplay and exploration.
Most dildos don’t need batteries to operate. However, for newer versions that do, they function similarly to vibrators. They also provide throbbing sensations to make sessions more exciting.


If you’re part of the kinky community, adding a pair of handcuffs into the mix provides another level of excitement. Sex cuffs look like regular handcuffs used in the police force. Most of the time, the former has longer chains. There are also different versions available, like ones that come with a collar or those with cuffs for restraining both ankles.
Sex cuffs are typically made from latex or leather. But for a more comfortable roleplaying session, you can opt for padded ones or handcuffs made with fuzzy or feathery materials. Some handcuffs have suction cups that can stick to walls. Instead of using them solely in the bedroom, you’ll be able to explore other locations like the shower. There are also sex cuffs that look like jewellery. Those that appear like bangles let you stealthily make hints about your fantasies in public.


Sleeves are shaped just like dildos. They’re hollow tubes that are used for penile pleasure. Some manufacturers claim that their sleeves and extenders can double as protection. However, it’s best to exercise caution and not skip wearing protection, especially as some versions have slits or openings in them.
Sleeves are typically made of a soft, flexible material, like silicone or soft plastic. You’ll find many silicone sleeves on the market because the material is easy to clean and maintain.
Some extenders are designed to fit snugly, but they’re also available in other sizes. Additionally, it’s common to see sleeves and extenders with various designs like veins, bulges and even spikes to provide extra sensation.

Anal toys

Anal toys are designed to provide stimulation when inserted. There’s a huge range of types: beads, plugs, tails, vibrators and more.
Some plugs come in a small size but expand once inserted, making them a good training tool for a higher intensity play. There are also hollow types for those who are up for experimentation. Meanwhile, inflatable types allow for a more intense sensation.
These toys are typically made from silicone, but there are also glass and metal ones that are easy to clean. Some anal toys can come with a vibrating feature with different intensities as well.


Pumps are designed to increase blood flow, intensifying sensitivity for the wearer. These pumps create a suction effect, which enhances the overall pleasure. For first-time users, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee to ensure safety and comfort. As with the other sex toys mentioned, pump and enlarger toys have different types and can be operated manually or with batteries.

Ben Wa Balls
Also called Kegel balls, these marble-sized balls with a cord at the end are inserted to increase sensation during sexual activity. To minimise discomfort, make sure to choose the right weight and size. Knowing the correct technique will also help prepare the body more.
To heat things while using Ben Wa balls, you or your partner can rub the area or use a vibrator. The longer the balls are in, the more pleasurable it will be for the wearer.

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