Loving Joy Anal Love Beads

Loving Joy Anal Love Beads


Flexible, Jelly Anal beads that are great for newcomers to anal sex as the beads graduate from smaller to larger.

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These Loving Joy Anal love beads are flexible yet firm, made of smooth jelly and will add all sorts of pleasures and orgasms to your love making.

As they are flexible they are easy to pop in your vagina or insert anally. Start small and work your way up to the more bigger beads for more filling sensations and pleasures.

Can be used in foreplay and in intercourse, some couples experiment with these Loving Joy Anal Love Beads right at the point of orgasm by pulling them out for extra stimulation and those big Os.

Size Imperial, 12.5″ inch length

Size Metric, 32cm length

Materials, PVC

Manufacturer, Loving Joy

Power, None required

Colour, Choose either Black, Purple or Pink.

SKU, N8441

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