True Spanking Stories Volume II Paperback Book

True Spanking Stories Volume II Paperback Book


Learn different spanking techniques by reading this Erotic Book.

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True Spanking Stories Volume II Paperback Book by Sasha Cave, True accounts of erotic spanking, bdsm spanking, punishment spanking, discipline spanking, OTK spanking, kinky spanking, corporal punishment, domestic discipline, and spanking fetishism with hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, switch and more.

Surely this Spanking Book is a must have, it covers all aspects of spanking, it reveals the most intimate sessions and emotions and is a must have book for just about everyone who likes to read about the once taboo subject of spanking and discipline.

The contents of this book reveal 41 accounts of eye opening spanking experiences.

The spankings range from pleasureable and sizzling, erotic to ordeals of anticipation, humiliation and pain.

This book features every different type of relationship that appears from Husband/Wife, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Girlfriend/Girlfriend, Parent/Teen, Brother/Sister, Principle/Student, Sorority Sister/Pledge, Reformatory Warder/Inmate and much much more.

We think this True Spanking Stories is a great book and is truly an eye opener. The spanking techniques covered are every position, technique and ritual, every spanking implement from hand, paddle, strap, switch, hairbrush, cane and many others.

Here’s a Warning, this Erotic Paperback Book touches topics and subjects of Dominance/submission, Erotic embarrasment, Restraint exhibitionism and Voyeurism, Age Play and most importantly Sex.

What the Critics say, they call this book fascinating, erotically charged, eye opening and surely a must have book on a taboo subject.

Anybody with a fascination, interest or are curious about spanking should definately put this on the i want to buy list of Adult Pleasure Books, simply put you must have this book.

So if you know of any naughty women or men out there that are willing to let you bend them over your knee and bare their bottom cheeks for a good spanking session, once you’ve finished reading this book you should’ve learned a few more spanking techniques to make your spanking experiences more enjoyable.

Spanking is fun, enjoyable and can bring some great fun and laughter to loving couples everywhere, and of course some great sex after.

True Spanking Stories Volume II Paperback Book Features


Format, Paperback

Number of Pages, 208

Language, English

Publisher, Nelson & Jones (16th Nov 2010)





Additional Information

Format, Paperback

Number of Pages, 208

Language, English

Publisher, Nelson & Jones (16th Nov 2010)



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