Dragonz Tale Beaded Cord 1

Dragonz Tale Jelly Beaded Cord


Insert these jelly anal beads into your vagina or anus & pull them out at the point of orgasm.

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This Dragonz Tale Jelly Beaded Cord consists of a twelve inch firm plastic cord with ten hard beads, which start of with small at 3/8 inch diameter, and then gradually increase to a whole inch at the base.

So you can find the size that suits you best. Insert anally or vaginally, these beads have an o shaped ring pull making inserting and retrieving these beads easier.

To clean this Dragonz Tale Jelly Beaded Cord simply use a warm soapy solution or a sex toy cleaner, dry thoroughly after use.

Manufacturer, Made in china

Materials, Plastic

Colour, Purple

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