Streem Master Mini Douche


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A professional douche that gets the job done, this Streem Master Mini Douche comes with a large diameter opening for easy cleaning, drying and filling. It has a comfortable nozzle with a rounded, easy-entry tip. It has an ultra-smooth finish.

The capacity is 250ml; it comes with two nozzles, a small one and a medium one, so you can choose which size is more manageable for you to use.

This anal douche is a blue colour, and the nozzle is grey, an excellent quality douche designed for rectal and anal cleansing and irrigation.

To sum it up, this is a professional douche that’s very easy to fill; just simply hold it under the tap to fill; it couldn’t be any simpler or more accessible.

We recommend before you insert this into your anus that you wash it with some warm, soapy water, thoroughly dry before use. Add some water-based lubricant to the tip, fill with a liquid of your choice, preferably water, and you’re ready for some anal cleansing and douching.

So for you pleasure seekers out there with dirty minds, that’s good, so while you’re enjoying some anal pleasures, you can keep things clean and hygienic with this Streem Master Anal Douche.

Phthalate Free, YES

Capacity, 250ml

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