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Beaded Love Ring


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This Beaded Love Ring is sturdy in construction and ideal for constricting the blood flow to your penis, making your erections bigger and last longer. It’s surprising how simple things in life can make such a big difference.

This soft, latex love ring slips around your erect penis, restricting the blood flow back out; this will enable you to keep your erection for four times as long and also can make your penis tip incredibly sensitive to stimulation too.

With its soft nubbles around the edges, this provides extra stimulation for your partner as well. So this simple but effective cock ring benefits both of you, him and her.

Just choose which colour you like for better sex for him and her. Have you got a Beaded Love Ring on your bedside table? If not, surely this great, versatile penis ring should be a must-have.

Size Imperial, Stretches to fit.

Size Metric, Stretches to fit.

Materials, Latex Rubber

Power, None Required

Manufacturer, Aries Ram

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