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Electrastim Electro-Sex Clamp Kit


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Take your play to new extremes with the Electrastim Electro-Sex Clamp Kit.

Electrastim products create exciting sexual sensations that enhance solo and partner play.

You will need a stimulator (sold separately) to connect your Electraclamps to.

Once connected they’ll conduct an ereotic current that will tease you with sensual tingles and deeply-arousing muscular contractions in your most intimate areas.

If you want to turn up the intensity you can, feel kinky prickles and stronger contractions to tease and torment during sensory play.

This kit includes a pair of adjustable clamps that can be screw tightened for a light squeeze or firm pinch.

They have uni-polar input for either 2mm or 4mm connection and are compatible with all Electrastim stimulators.

Also included is 60g of conductive gel, apply it to the tips of the clamps before play. The gel increases conductivity and improves the resonance of the sensations you will feel during play.

You thought normal nipple play was exciting, well try nipple clamps with the added feature of Electro stimulation.

Electrastim Electro-Sex Clamp Kit Features


2 clamps & 60g conductive gel

Sizes, Maximum opening, 20mm/0.75″

Adjustment, 0 to 8mm/0.3

Length, 68mm/2.25″

Width, 40mm/1.5″

Material, Diecast Zinc

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