Jump Start Foot Pump

Jump Start Foot Pump


Use this foot pump to inflate your blow up dolls and deflate them when you’ve finished.

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Hello there so you’ve decided to buy that sexy, blow up doll and you’ve eagerly taken it out the box, you’re sitting there admiring it and thinking to yourself I can’t wait to have sex with this, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Now as you’re looking at your love doll your thinking to yourself oh no, how am I going to blow this sexy beast up? Well, that’s where this Jump Start Foot Pump comes very in handy.

This pump will blow your blow up doll up very quickly and easily, and after you’ve finished with it, you can deflate it just as quickly and efficiently, as this Jump Start Foot Pump not only inflates but deflates as well, Leaving you to carry on with the rest of your day.

This pump will inflate your love doll and is a must-have tool for the job.

Jump Start Foot Pump Features


Size Imperial, N/A

Size Metric, N/A

Materials, Plastic

Power, None Required

Manufacturer, Seven Creations

Sku, N0507

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1 review for Jump Start Foot Pump

  1. Martin

    This pump is just bloody great i used to blow my dolls up by mouth and it left me nackered and some times just the thought of using my mouth to blow up a doll put me off. This is where this pumps comes in very easy to use took me 5 minutes to fully blow up my doll, happy and proad owner of a sex doll. i would highly recommend to any one and it seems good quality as well for the cheap price.

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