Just In Beaver Love Doll 1
Just In Beaver Love Doll 1
Just In Beaver Love Doll
Just In Beaver Love Doll
Just In Beaver Love Doll 4
Just In Beaver Love Doll 5

Just In Beaver Love Doll


Take Just In Beaver home with you, you know you want too!

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Just In Beaver Love Doll, If you are ever lucky enough to see the crowds gathering and papparazi are everywhere then you might just get a glimpse of Just In Beaver, the barely legal boy toy.

This sexy, male love doll is a busy hunk of a doll, when he’s not beating up papparazi or running from the girls or boys up the highstreet in his high tops, this slim sexy love doll is enough to turn even straight men gay.

How long do you think Just In Beaver can keep his skinny jeans on? that’s up to you as if you add him to your basket he’s just 1 click away.

This Blow Up Male Doll Just In Beaver Love Doll is absolutely ideal for the ladies and for the gay men out there, buy him and take him to that orgy, he or she will love it.

Size Imperial, Item Packaged 12″ x 7.75″ x 2″

Size Metric, Item Packaged Life Size Doll

Materials, Vinyl

Power, None Required

Manufacturer, Pipedream Products

SKU, N9437



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