PDX Sally Surprise Transsexual Love Doll


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PDX Sally Suprise Transsexual Love Doll, she has a big secret, and she’s just waiting to show you.

This Inflatable Transsexual Doll is from the Pipedream Extreme Line. Made meticulously designed with realistic features for a super lifelike experience.

If you like the both of best worlds, then this Tranny Sex Doll is just what you need.

This gorgeous, sexy, She-Male Doll has lifelike features such as a face with an open mouth waiting in anticipation. She has firm boobs for you to fondle and realistic looking penis (length approx 18cm) and a tight anus.

See what’s hiding under her skirt, squeezing her big tits, fuck her pretty face and suck her big she-cock.

If you’ve always wanted to have sex with a Chick with a Dick, then this PDX Sally Suprise Transsexual Love Doll is just for you.

So act out your fantasies, you pleasure seekers out there. This Love Doll can be used for single purposes, for your pleasures and masturbation or could be used as a couple and have a threesome.

Or with some imagination, you could take it to that orgy, and all have sex with this Blow-Up Doll. Whatever you do, you’re sure to have a good time.

How to clean PDX Sally Surprise Transsexual Love Doll

Cleaning Instructions, To clean, rinse the doll with warm water and gently scrub with sex toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Don’t use rough towels or sponges as it will damage the material. After cleaning, rinse with warm water and pat dry.


Size, LifeSize

Inflatable, Yes

Materials, Vinyl Body, PVC Penis, Thermoplastic Rubber Ass

Phthalate Free, YES

Penis Length, 18cm, 7 Inch

Open Mouth, YES

Tight Ass, YES

Printed Face, YES

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