Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness


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This Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness will allow you to swing into position with ease.

Get into that perfect sexual position every time with this Full Body Support Sling.

Those ordinary sexual encounters will be transformed into nights of excitement and experimentation.

There’s no need for any bulky ceiling swings, position pillows or other sex furniture with this Sex Swing. All that’s needed is to slip this Full Body Harness on, strap your partner in and get ready for all those amazing positions you want to try.

Get closer and more intimate with your partner than ever before as this Sex Harness allows you to effortlessly support and manoeuvre your partner.

You’ll enjoy weightless penetration from the sturdy leather thigh straps and easy-grip chest handles.

All that’s needed is to slide your lover’s legs into the padded thigh straps and grab hold of the rubber chest handles and get ready for some hot, steamy passion.

The Padded Neck Cushion will take the strain off your neck and shoulders and the straps can easily adjust to fit most sizes.

So have a hot and passionate night in with this Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness.

Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness Features


Size Imperial, Adjustable

Size Metric, Adjustable

Materials, Various

Power, None Required

Manufacturer, Fetish Fantasy

SKU, PD3849-00

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