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Tyler Knight Love Doll 1
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Tyler Knight Love Doll


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This Tyler Knight Love Doll is tall, dark and handsome. He will love you like no other man will so climb on and have some fun.

Yes, you have read-write girls. If your man is too busy watching the football and you’re feeling hot and horny and need a good seeing to, then jump in bed with this Tyler Knight Love Doll. With his dark, sexy body and his 8″ penis, he’s sure to give you a good seeing too and have you orgasming all night long.

This big boy has a massive 8 inches to pleasure and excites you with and a full-colour face.

So add Tyler Knight, this dark, gorgeous blow-up doll to your blow-up man collection.

Tyler Knight Love Doll Features


Size Imperial, Lifesize

Size Metric, Lifesize

Materials, PVC

Power, None Required

Manufacturer, California Exotics

SKU, 3002192203

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