Vulcanite Anal Douche


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Keep your sex life fun, clean and hygienic with this Vulcanite Anal Douche with attachment.

This douche is easy to use and easy to clean, it is designed for comfort and simplicity.

To use just simply submerge the nozzle tip into the liquid what’s required (usually water). Squeeze the bulb and the suction will suck the water into the bulb. Allow the bulb to completely fill with water. Once the bulb is full insert into the area which is to be douched.

Some people use a water-based lubricant on the tip of the nozzle so it’s easier to insert into your anus.

This douche also comes with a detachable screw mount flow head.

Thoroughly clean this Vulcanite Anal Douche before and after use with warm soapy water.

Material, ABS (probe), Rubber (bulb)

Manufacturer, California Exotic

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