Janus Magazine 136 The Original CP Journal

Janus Magazine 136 The Original CP Journal


Corporal Punishment, Spanking & beautiful girls getting their asses smacked.

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Janus Magazine 136 The Original CP Journal, Adult Reading Only, Spanking/CP


Dancing in the dark, a private lap dancer

Bottom of the class, on a literary note

Encore Janus, st.winifreds revisited

Corrective Measures, opportunity knocks

Brief Encounter, falling short of the law

Readers Letters, sounding off

The essential guide to practical, corporal punishment-part 3, positions and physics.

Cindy Robbins, a sexy slim blonde who’s only 19 didn’t know what she was getting herself into as she rung the buzzer, she’s in for a right spanking time. Feast your eyes on the glossy colour pictures of her getting spanked with hand, cane as she’s bent over his knee.

A 22 year old cocky blonde has been bent over the desk and spanked by her teacher, have you done your homework or havn’t you asked Mr Goodison? no wonder your bottom of the class.

A bunch of schoolgirls at st winifreds, pretty blondes and brunettes vote enthusiasticly in favour of introducing corporal punishment. Things don’t go to plan as they are sentenced to a humiliating spanking over the head girls knee, followed by 12 stroke caning .

Feast your eyes on all the different spanking positions, some of the girls have their knickers down to their knees.

Meet the accountant, (i know it’s a conversation killer) as most polite people would say that’s an interesting job whilst the less polite people would say get a life. This girl dresses as she pleases and that got her noticed by the man who then seduced her and spanked her. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous blonde, she has a figure to die for and she loves to be spanked. Read her story, does the lust continue.

Meet the soliciter, she is highly ambitious and intends in time to become a Barrister, and she’s barely 21. Being young and good looking in this profession can be a dissadvantage. Read her story about how hard it is to achieve and maintain her profession. Then there’s men, half the time they only think you’re good enough to make the tea or coffee, they’re often only trying to pinch your bum or ask you have you had you’re bum pinched. As you know they often only have one thing on their mind and that’s discipline, sex, read the story to find out more.

Readers Letters, genuine readers letters, we don’t make them up. Photos of readers wives and girlfriends in spanking positions are welcome as long as the model agrees to publication.

We have lots of letters sent in to us from various people, an example below is a reader who requested Hooray for naughty schoolgirls. He first wrote in and said he’s love to see the comeback of the naughty schoolgirl look, he states that he hasn’t been dissapointed as isues 123 and 124 have been a delight for him. This mags got beautiful girls dressed as schoolgirls and gymnasts ect, he reccons these girls are perfect spankees in his opinion. His particular fetish is for girls in knee socks especially the old fasioned patterened schoolgirl type white socks recieving over the knee spankings. What with an erotic read, but some of the stories are a bit weak in his opinion.

There’s plenty more to read and there’s plenty more to look at. Some of the girls end up naked after their punishment, after their little fight before being put over the knee. So to read these erotic stories and to cast your eyes on the lovely girls then surely this Janus Magazine 136 The Original CP Journal is a must.

Janus Magazine 136 The Original CP Journal Features


Magazine, YES

Glossy, YES

Number of pages, 55

English, YES

Erotic Stories, YES

Spanking Implements, Hand, Hairbrush, Cane, Leather belt, Paddle


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