The Big Butt Book 3D Hardcover 1

The Big Butt Book 3D Hardcover


A Book full of Butts that leap into 3 dimentional fullness when you wear the included anaglyph glasses.

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The Big Butt Book 3D Hardcover

Sweet cheeks in 3D, feast your eyes on the most beautiful looking, rounded butts you will see anywhere.

These girls have perfectly curvacious butts, beautiful asses or rumps, whatever you want to call these nice rears we think you’d agree that these girls seem to have it all.

The Karma Sutra gives detailed instructions on how to spank it.

People go to all different lengths to have that perfect big butt, the Italians touch it for good luck before placing a bet. Americans are reknown for having it cosmetically enhanced at rates the same as Breast Enlargement surgery.

People go to all sorts of lengths to get that nice, firm, big butt.

The Female Butt, Tush, Culo or derriere has always been something that people admire and inspired fantasy and slavish devotion.

Now it’s yours for the taking, in state of the art 3D. Sounds to good to be true, sounds like you’re having a crazy dream? Well TASCHEN is where dreams come true. So get ready for The Big Butt Book 3D with a stunning, full lenticular cover.

As with the big book of breasts 3D and the big penis book 3D the original black and white photos have been converted to anaglyph 3D by Jon Schnitzer and the Brain Factory.

John and his team have applied their technique so subtly that the images on the page are minimally affected, but they really pop when you put on the red and blue anaglyph glasses that are included with this volume.

These formally 2-D Butts will then leap into three dimentional fullness, they will be bulging off the page and waggling seductively as you look from left to right.

This book contains 110 of these masterpeices to feast your eyes on, many that have not been seen in the Original Big Butt Book.

The gorgeous cover model Alexis Texas is featured as nature intended.

So sit back and enjoy The Big Butt Book 3D that’s full of thick girls, even breast men will agree with Sir Mix-a-lot, “My anaconda don’t want none, unless you’ve got buns, hun.”

The Big Butt Book 3D Hardcover Features


Type of Book, Hardback


Glasses Incuded, YES



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Type of Book, Hardback


Glasses Incuded, YES


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