True Transvestite Tales Vol 15 Magazine


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True Transvestite Tales Vol 15 Magazine
This item: True Transvestite Tales Vol 15 Magazine

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True Transvestite Tales Vol 15 Magazine, this mag has got some real stories about some real transvestites and their lifestyles.

So for something unique, unusual and bizarre start educating yourselves on what these transvestites get up to, this adult magazine is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

There’s some bizarre stuff, there are tvs, she males, TS’S and all the details of their unique sex lives.

So if you love to read about something different then this Tranny magazine vol 15 is full of pictures for you to feast your eyes on.

Some great poses from these sexy people who are all she males, chicks with dicks, crossdressers, cocks with frocks, this adult magazine should keep your eyes feasted and your imagination glued to the stories.

So start reading about the hardcore tranny erotica from around the world, these sexy transvestites have got some great stories to tell.

I’m a real man, are you? married with 2 kids, love football and a drink with the lads, red-blooded, love the ladies and once a month I dress up like this, every man has a feminine side. Have you ever tried crossdressing?

So try a walk on the wild side and feast your eyes on some of these gorgeous trannys. So for some eye candy and for some transvestite tales this xxx magazine has it all.


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