The Modern Sex Toys Of Today

The Modern Sex Toys Of Today 2

It’s not surprising as the years progress that sex toys are becoming more popular day by day. It used to be a taboo subject, and no one would ever admit to owning one, but now times have changed, and we think it’s for the better. Read on to find out which sex toys are right for you in 2020.

Some of the modern sex toys of today are targetting your pleasures like never before. While the vast majority of sex toy users were women, this is not the case now. Some women have boxes full of sex toys while some women have one favourite rabbit vibrator or another toy of their choice.

As the years have gone on, more and more men have realised they are missing out, and it’s now more socially acceptable for men to use sex toys the same as it is for women. Sex toy shops are opening up everywhere, primarily online as they’re incredibly lucrative. Check out some of the sex toy trends and modern sex toys you’ll have to try.

Rabbit Vibrators

While years ago, the average rabbit vibrator would just vibrate some of the modern sex toys do so much more. Some of them not only vibrate but thrust, oscillate, pulsate, rotate, and are waterproof. Some of the higher-end rabbits from brands like Rocks-Off and Lelo are feature medical-grade silicone. If you’re fed up of purchasing batteries, you can now buy a USB Rechargeable Bunny. As you can see, these luxury rabbit vibrators have improved vastly over the years.

Bullet Vibrators

Then there are the classic bullet vibrators, they haven’t changed in shape over the years, but manufacturers have made them more powerful and luxurious than they used to be. These little bullets can pack a real punch, so don’t underestimate them just because they are small they are extremely powerful. They offer precise and targeted stimulation thanks to their tapered tips. A bullet vibrator is a very popular sex toy not only by women but by men too. As they are small, they can easily fit into your pocket or handbag for pleasures on the go. Some women double up with these sex toys and insert a bullet while playing with another sex toy. The possibilities are endless, with a modern bullet vibrator.

Balls and Eggs

Another modern sex toy is Balls and Eggs. Over the years, these sex toys have advanced a lot. At first, they started as small, weighted eggs. Some of the more modern ones now vibrate and have remote-control options which can be great fun for couples. Imagine your cooking the tea in the kitchen wearing a love egg, or set of balls inside of you and your partner’s in the other room. He turns the controls up to regulate your pleasures, imagine the anticipation and excitement of not knowing the pleasure you’re going to receive. Some of these toys are not just fun, but they have health benefits too. Some of them with regular use will tighten up pelvic-floor muscles leading to better sex and better orgasms.

Panty Vibrators

Next, we have the very popular panty vibrators. Usually, a small bullet fits inside the gusset of a pair of knickers. Panty Vibes are great fun for couples and solo use. I can just imagine all the kinky couples out there having fun with there. Imagine your having dinner with the relatives, and the woman is wearing a panty vibe while the boyfriend is controlling it. While your mother in law is chatting away to you, your boyfriend can be turning up the vibrations, and you’re trying not to react. Who would have thought years ago, that a woman could be wearing a vibrator in her knickers? Panty Vibes is an extremely modern sex toy.

Classic Vibrators

Then we have the very popular classic vibrators, these have been around for years but are still a firm favourite. This sex toy is extremely versatile; men and women can enjoy these toys. These classic vibes are very slim, powerful, easy to insert and come in a variety of colours and materials. We think everyone should own a traditional vibrator. These vibes are easy to clean and store, a simple choice for straightforward pleasures. The classic vibrators are one of our best-sellers at adultshopit, and we should imagine at other stores aswel.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot vibrators are a modern sex toy and are very popular among women. Every woman should own one of these sex toys; it would be a crime not to. The g-spot vibrator is curved and purposely angled to reach the g-spot. The g-spot is a pleasure spot in women if stimulated; the woman will receive endless amounts of orgasms. Over the years g-spot vibes have advanced as well. Years ago, these vibrators didn’t exist, but pleasure manufacturers started to realise more about the women’s body and found out about the g-spot. Some of the advanced g-spot vibrators have remote-controlled options, are rechargeable, and use body-safe materials like silicone. Once fully-charged they can last for hours at a time saving you money on batteries.


The dildo is another popular sex toy that can be used by literally everyone. Whether you’re solo, a couple or straight or gay, anyone can have fun with a dildo. Some of them have increased in the specification. Some dildos now inflate and expand, and some are now remote-controlled. Over the years, they have vastly improved, keeping your pleasures in mind. Dildos can also be used with a strap-on for pegging. Lesbian couples and anyone curious enough to use one enjoy these toys.

Some dildos have suction-cup bases for the user to enjoy hands-free stimulation. Stick it on various surfaces and at different angles depending on your mood. You can even enjoy a double-ended dildo, trouble the trouble and double the fun. Dildo sex toys have various looks from realistic designs to un-realistic. The dildo is a very versatile sex toy and chosen by many people over the world.

Sex Dolls For Women

We at adultshopit stock a variety of Male Sex Dolls including the cheaper blow-up dolls which need a pump to inflate. We also have a range of the more expensive top-end male love dolls. We’re sure to have a doll for everybody’s budget and tastes. If you don’t want to splash the cash, buy a blow-up doll. One of our best-sellers is the hunky fireman doll; he’ll be to your rescue and roll his long pipe out for you, you’ll orgasm in no time. Some of the more solid type dolls usually made of silicone are more realistic, yes their more expensive but a quality doll like this will provide maximum pleasures for years.

They are very realistic in their look and feel and are life-size. These dolls come in all shapes and sizes and replicate real human beings with their different looks. The manufacturers that make these dolls take your pleasures seriously and make these dolls as realistic to the human body as possible. The more expensive dolls have an internal skeleton making them fully posable. They even have realistic fingers, toes and genitals like a real person. If your ordering one of these dolls they will be packaged discreetly in plain packaging for your discretion. There is nothing written on the box to indicate what’s inside. All that will be on the parcel is your name and address for delivery. So go on girls, treat yourself to a new hunky man, he’ll have a nice hard cock and six-pack waiting for you.

Porn Star Vagina’s

Male sex toys are getting more realistic as time goes by, and we have a vast range of sex toys for the modern man. Porn Star Vaginas are a must-have modern sex toy of today. Who would have thought a Porn Star could have their intimate parts moulded into a masturbator for men? Male sex toys are getting more realistic as time goes by.

Fleshlight is a brand of toys that sell masturbators moulded from a variety of men and female porn stars. They come in a discreet case are shaped like a torch, but when you take the cap off, you will see a women’s vagina. If you penetrate a Fleshlight with an erect penis, you’ll feel all the different nodules and textures inside; they are very similar to a woman’s vagina. Open the cap at the bottom and increase or decrease the suction to your desires. Most men would warm one of these devices up, add some water-based lube, and this tight vagina will be ready and waiting for you.

Pussy and Ass Sex Toys

Then we have the very popular and modern pussy and ass sex toys, they are very realistic in their looks and feel. These pussy and ass masturbators have vaginal and anal openings, choose which one you want to penetrate, or have both. What man could refuse a sexy round butt that you can grab hold off and slap and wobble as much as you like? These sex toys can improve stamina so you can last longer when having sex with a partner. Practice regularly with your sex toy and improve your endurance. Use these sex toys as a couple or solo. If you’re a couple, you’d be surprised at how much fun and excitement using these toys could create. You can also introduce one and use it as a threesome. The great thing about this is unlike adding a third person; there will be no jealousy or insecurities.

Prostate Toys

Prostate Toys are another great sex toy for men and are relatively new. They reach a man’s p-spot with ease thanks to their shape. Some men have stated they can’t climax unless their p-spot has been stimulated. Some of these anal massagers vibrate and are hands-free for maximum pleasures. There are health benefits if you massage your p-spot.

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps are getting more and more advanced as time goes by. They increase the size of a man’s penis with regular use following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some of the standing pumps work by using air; they create a vacuum seal which increases the penis size. Standard air pumps are usually lower-priced but are an excellent starter for men who want a bigger penis. Air pumps also double up in use as a masturbator if desired. Some of the more modern penis pumps use water instead of air. Bathmate Penis Pumps are high-quality pumps that also use water instead of air. The Bathmate pumps are proven to increase penis size if you follow their manufacturer instructions. Bathmate has a full range of penis developers to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re serious about wanting a bigger penis, then the perfect choice is a Bathmate Penis Pump.

Penis Sleeves and Strokers

A lot of men are trying to improve their sex lives. You can use a bathmate penis pump, and that will give you results to make you larger, but this will take time. A penis sleeve or extender will provide instant results. Slide the sleeve over your penis and admire your new size. If it’s not big enough, choose a bigger penis sleeve. Some extenders come with different textures for added pleasures and also have nodules or spikes on the inside and outside for varied sensations. Some penis sleeves look incredibly realistic while others look unusual, the choice is entirely yours. Your partner will love your new size and will climax in no time with your new size. After you’ve finished your love-making, remove the extender from your penis and clean with either warm soapy water or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

Penis Rings

Penis rings are a life-saver for some men and are another modern sex toy of today. If you’re trying to keep an erection, then there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to have sex, and your penis keeps going limp. Well to the rescue is our selection of cock rings. You wear Cock Rings around the penis, usually at the base. Once on, the ring restricts the flow of blood from the erect penis to make a stronger erection and maintain it for a longer time. Wearing a penis ring will, therefore, increase pleasures for both partners.

Cock Rings are available in all different shapes, sizes and materials including stainless steel and jelly, which are the stretchy types. Vibrating Penis Rings are also now available for even more pleasures. Cock Rings are a cheap sex toy but offer massive benefits for the male and female. Surely most couples should be storing some of these in their bedroom drawer. It’s not surprising that these sex toys of today are so popular.

Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls are a great choice if you want to add some extra pleasures to the bedroom. Depending on your budget, we have a vast range of love dolls to suit all different tastes. Some of the cheaper blow-up types inflate with a pump. Some people will use them for their satisfaction while some will take them along to a stag do for a laugh. You could even introduce one to your lover and have a three-some or splash out on a few dolls and have an orgy. Some of the expensive dolls are made from silicone materials and look and feel very realistic. If you touch a lifelike sex doll, it feels like a real human’s skin. To have sex with one feels incredibly life-like.

The manufacturers have gone to extreme lengths to replicate the woman’s vagina making your sexual intercourse very enjoyable. Some of the modern sex dolls are programmed to talk and have an internal skeleton frame which makes them fully posable. These dolls usually come with three love openings including a tight vagina, anus and mouth.

Sex Dolls for the adventurous

We are very excited to say that we sell a range of modern sex dolls for you experimental people out there. You can be straight, gay or bisexual we’re sure to have the perfect love doll for you. Our Shemale sex dolls are one of our best-sellers at adultshopit. These tranny dolls have some of the lady’s body parts and male body parts. Enjoy their breasts, tight vagina and a stiff cock. So now you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

We have delivered these dolls all over the world to people. Some of these Shemale Dolls are very cheap and are inflatable; you’ll need a pump to blow one up. If you have a little more money to spend you can buy a solid silicone doll, these are more expensive but will last longer and are more realistic. These ladyboy dolls are more rigid; they don’t need to be blown-up and offer more for your pleasures. Use one as a couple and watch your partner have sex with a doll; it’s sure to heat things in the bedroom and make things more fun. Use solo on your own if you’re feeling greedy and don’t want to share.

Anal Sex Toys

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman both sexes can enjoy anal stimulation. We stock a wide selection of modern anal sex toys at adultshopit so browse our vast range. We cater for beginners and more experienced users alike. Our beginner’s anal toys include small butt plugs, some of them are silicone and body-safe. All of our butt plugs have flared bases to stop any unwanted travelling in the rear. They taper to a tip for easy insertion. If you’re a beginner, start with a small anal plug and work your way up in sizes. Anal Beads are also a favourite of beginners. They usually consist of a string of beads that sometimes vary in size. Some users insert them and at the point of orgasms quickly remove them.

When or if you become more advanced, you, can experiment with a medium or large butt plug. Some of them inflate or expand, simply squeeze the attached pump ball until you reach the desired size. Inflatable Butt Plugs are preferred by the more extreme anal users who want that filled-up feeling in their rear. Some of the extreme anal toys include anal stretchers and tunnels if this is of interest to you browse our Extreme Anal Sex Toys. Some men also use Anal Prostate Massagers to stimulate their p-spot, some of them vibrate and are hands-free.

Modern Bondage Sex Toys of today

Bondage Sex Toys have been around for many years. People just love the idea of tying people up and restraining them in all sorts of ways. We at adultshopit have a vast range of bondage products to suit all tastes. If you are a newcomer to the bondage scene, we have the favourite fifty shades of grey sex toys. The fifty shades range is quite extensive, ranging from wrist cuffs to whips, floggers and much more. Some of the beginners like to play with the soft and fluffy cheap handcuffs and bondage ropes. These type of restraints will be very comfortable for the wearer, and you can play till your heart’s content.

Then there is the You2toys range, they have some great beginners, and moderate pro-type bondage sex toys you can choose from handcuffs and ankle cuffs whips floggers paddles and more. These products are made from leather and look modern with matching colours; you will look great in these adult toys. If you want more professional types of bondage sex toys, then look at some of our metal handcuffs and ankle cuffs. These types are the real deal they come with a key so you can lock your partner securely. If you are looking for even darker bondage sex toys, then check out our extreme range of bondage sex toys. Here you will find BDSM products like medical fetish toys cock and ball toys, stocks, Mouth gags, gimp masks.

Unusual Sex Toys

Strange sex toys are an excellent idea for kinky couples who like experimenting with something different. These bizarre sex toys are getting increasingly popular. Couples from all over the world can use these kinds of toys for their roleplaying games. Some sex toys look extremely weird and strange, but that’s what makes them the ideal choice for people who are bored of standard toys and want something different. We stock a range of toys that don’t resemble the human anatomy in the slightest but don’t be fooled they’ll still get the job done. Some men love their masturbators to look like a real vagina while some men prefer a more futuristic masturbator that doesn’t resemble anything at all. Some of the standard sex toys can be intimidating to customers as they look so close to the real thing, making the unusual toys an ideal choice.

If you look at some of our modern vibrators, you’d never know what they were as they look so odd. Our unique sex toys are hugely appealing to customers as we believe they prefer and deserve something a bit different. We at adultshopit stock a vast range of some of the best unique sex toys you’ll find anywhere. Some of the favourites of our customers are the animal dildos which replicate animals anatomies.

Couples can act out their kinky pet-play fantasies with a dog, horse, whale or pig dildo and many more. It’s all fun, all of these toys feature safe materials like standard dildos the only difference is that they’re unusually shaped. We also stock a variety of strange male sex toys including the Alien Fleshlight, so now you can have sex with an Alien just like you’ve always fantasised. If you’re interested in buying any of these weird sex toys browse our website and check out our unusual department.

Sex Essentials

Your bedroom drawer should always contain some of our Sex Essentials. From condoms to lube, these items are a must-have for safety, hygiene and better sex. Loving couples everywhere will use personal lubricants to enhance their sexual pleasures. There are various types of lube, including Silicone, Water-based and flavoured lubes for yummy play. Some of the modern sexual lubricants feature silicone and water-based formulas, these are Hybrid Lubes and are perfect for enjoying the best of both.

If your indulging in anal play, then anal lube is a total must. It doesn’t matter what your age is; people use lube whatever their age. Younger couples use lube to spice things up while some older women may suffer from vaginal dryness and use lube for this reason. We stock a variety of tingling lubes, and warming lubes which are very popular with couples of all ages. And don’t forget the condoms unless you want a larger family. To get serious, if you don’t want a sexually transmitted disease always wear a condom or make sure your partner does. Some of our condoms feature stimulating nubs for added sensations, and we even stock some flavoured condoms for fantastic oral play.

As you can see, sex toys have evolved over the years. Years ago, all you would have been able to purchase would be a standard vibrator or blow-up doll. With so many choices available now, your pleasures have never been so easy to achieve. If you want to purchase an adult toy for the first time or add to your collection, browse around and choose the perfect high-tech sex toy for you.






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