Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina

Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina 1

Here are a few Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina.

You might have heard stories from your friends or seen them on late night tv, about women putting unnecessary things into their vagina that ended up causing them some harm. While most of us would think that all one has to do is use common sense and know what objects that should never put into your vagina, some of us have problems figuring this out. So, we’re here to help!

Putting Anal Toys Inside Your Vagina

It’s probably safe to say that anything you’ve put into your butt recently, should not be placed into your vagina. So Anal Beads, Dildos, etc. that you’ve had some butt play with without washing off are definitely off limits when it comes to your vagina. The reason behind this is bacteria that can transfer into your vagina which will completely throw off your pH balance.

Sharp Objects Inside Your Vagina

Another thing that is pretty self-explanatory that should never be placed into your vagina, are sharp objects. Not only will it hurt you, but you could bleed profusely. There’s nothing much worse than trying to be sexy for your mate, and you stick something so sharp up inside of your vagina that it sends you to the er.

Food Inside Your Vagina

Now, it may be tempting to turn yourself into a human treat for your partner, but it may not be the safest thing for your vagina. Items such as whipped cream and ice cream could cause an adverse reaction inside of your vagina that could bring you pain for many days even after the fact.
While you may have tried putting a condom on a banana in sex education, you don’t want to place that same banana or any other vegetable or fruit into your vagina. While it may be tempting to show off your skill set to your partner, little pieces of the fruit or vegetable can break off inside of you and end up rotting. You may experience signs of being sick and might not think back to that time where you were trying something new for your mate.

Household Objects Inside Your Vagina

Any household object you would usually clean with or hang up for decoration is something that doesn’t need to be anywhere near your vagina. Mops and brooms can give you splinters that will be extremely hard to get out of your private area and can also place unhealthy bacteria inside of you. Other household objects often contain chemicals or particles that are dangerous to any part of your body especially your vagina.

Move Tongue from Anus to Vagina

It may seem harmless for your mate to place his or her tongue into your anus and then into your vagina, but you may want to show some concern. Someone’s mouth can hold tons of bad bacteria so moving from one’s anus to vagina can lead to some severe consequences. Getting faecal matter into your private area is a serious cause for concern. You don’t want to have to deal with those problems when you’re trying to have some erotic fun. Let your partner know while oral sex is okay; it’s best to leave your butt area alone if they intend to perform on your vagina.

Douching your Vagina

Women love their vagina to have a pleasant smell so douching is something they often do. Sure, you may think this is safe, but doctors are saying that chemicals in douches can dry you out and cause a severe reaction. We sell a range of Anal Douches which can be used vaginally, but we suggest to use water with them for your cleansing routine. Intimate sprays are also no good and can burn you or create little tears inside of your vagina.

While there are many fun things you can put inside of your vagina, there are many that should be nowhere near you. It’s essential that your health takes priority over any sexual play you have planned. When in doubt, look it up. Google is your best friend.

2 thoughts on “Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina

  1. Tessa Herrin says:

    Interesting article though some are common sense 😉

    1. Gary says:

      I Totally agree with you Tessa but you would be surprised at the things people use and some are just dangerous

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