What is a Macrophilia or Microphilia Fetish

What is a Macrophilia or Microphilia Fetish 2

What is Macrophilia?

Have you ever had a dream where a fifty-foot woman was towering over you and made you into her sex slave? Maybe you’ve had thoughts about a tiny woman crawling all over your skin and making you do things you’ve never even thought of? Well, maybe your dream wasn’t quite that descriptive, but if you’re like some men, then you may have a Macrophilia or Microphilia Fetish.

The most common fetish of the two is the Macrophilia Fetish. Commonly known as the giantess fetish, men fantasise about playing the smaller role and being dominated by a larger than life woman. An example of this could be where a woman uses sensual domination to satisfy her sexual cravings, or the giantess enjoys belittling her weak male servant. In real life, men who are short enjoy the fetish by dating women who are noticeably taller than them.

You might be thinking what is so erotic or exciting about a woman being so much taller than a man? For most, it’s a psychological thing. Just like with any fetish that demeans someone such as the ever-increasing Small Penis Fetish, it’s about how the submissive party views himself. He may lead a power role at his 9 to 5, but after hours he craves being controlled. He understands his shortcomings that’s why he makes up for that with his CEO role at his job. In his mind, he’s inadequate and wants someone to remind him of just how pitiful he is.

Giantesses were first seen in Greek mythology where women were seen as superhumans because of their large stature. Some thought they were odd looking and sometimes poked fun, but there were others that appreciated them and enjoyed their heights. What at first was seen as something strange and unnatural turned into an intense fetish that many men enjoy to this day. While Macrophilia is the most popular fetish, Microphilia is still something that is actively practised.

What is Microphilia?

Microphilia can be looked at in two different ways. It can be where a woman is unnaturally small and still attempts to dominate a man or where a man dominates a little woman. If you search for the fetish, you may not find much on it since it’s not widely practised. However, it’s just as interesting as any other fetish. Both men and women can switch roles if desired and take their sex play to new heights. If you’re into roleplay or humiliation scenarios, Microphilia may be something you want to incorporate. It can be interesting to see which role you and your partner choose. Remember, it’s all fantasy at the end of the day.

Both Macrophilia and Microphilia are fetishes that don’t get a lot of press. Some of you may be surprised to learn that there are a couple of movies and even a few comics that show giantesses. It’s always fun to research new things that you may enjoy trying with your partner and see if it fits into your bedroom fun.

Have you ever practised Macrophilia or Microphilia? We at adultshopit would love to hear from you.

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