What Is Edging and Why Should You Do It

What Is Edging and Why Should You Do It 2

What Is Masturbation Edging?

Do you delay your orgasms? Have you ever masturbated and built up that sexual tension in your body only to stop right before you bust? If you have, then you enjoy masturbation edging. You might not have known that this was an actual thing, but it’s more popular than you may think. Many people practice Orgasm Control for various reasons for their health and to improve their time in the bedroom with their partners. Edging is sometimes also referred to as Peaking, Surfing and Climax Control. It can be practised alone or with a partner.

Where Did Edging Come From?

So, where did edging come from? Many of us first started seeing edging in adult movies. Male film stars would practice it to last longer while filming scenes, this was vital for some films, especially where more than one female would be present. Now we see edging as more of a fetish used in some branches of BDSM. Masters and Mistresses sometimes sexually entice their subs and slaves then break them down when they aren’t allowed to orgasm. This practice is a useful orgasm control tactic for keeping the submissive counterpart in their role and showing them who’s boss. However, this isn’t the only way that edging is used.

Why Would You Practice Edging?

Masturbation edging is also used by individuals who want to practice self-control. It could be due to a spiritual journey, or you want to have extended masturbation sessions, but edging can help with being in control of your body. You might be thinking that it’s somewhat silly to suppress yourself from reaching a climax since people can have more than one orgasm. However, this isn’t always true. Some people have a tough time achieving one orgasm, let alone two or three. By practising masturbation edging, one can make their orgasms more intense when they finally do decide to let go. Edging can help your overall mental and physical health because of the self-control element.

We all learned when we were younger that patience is a virtue. However, very few of us practice having patience. Most people are always in a rush to get things done, and we don’t enjoy the moment even in the bedroom. So instead of rushing to hurry up and orgasm, masturbation edging can help slow down things and make you appreciate the moment more. After all, masturbation should be enjoyable and free your mind and body of any stress.

How Do I Practice Orgasm Control?

Now that you know what masturbation edging is all about, now it’s time to learn how to do it. You may think that all you have to do is stop touching yourself before you orgasm, but it’s a bit more to it than that. First, you want to put yourself in the mood. If you’re a woman, maybe you put on a particular outfit that makes you feel sexy, or if you’re a man, you might look at a magazine or DVD.

Once you have successfully stimulated yourself, it’s time to put your hands to work. Some use lubrication during this process, but it’s okay to go without it. You follow the steps as you would during any other time you masturbate, but you want to pay close attention to how your sexual tension builds up. When you are fully aroused and feel yourself on the brink of an orgasm, stop. Don’t try to get a few last strokes in. Once your arousal levels go down, start climbing up the sexual ladder again and start masturbating. You can repeat this process several times until you learn your body more and feel comfortable. At any point, you can decide to finally have an orgasm. Once you do orgasm successfully, it will probably be one of the most explosive ones you’ve ever experienced.

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    Fascinating read about edging did not know about this type of masturbation you live and learn thanks

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