Why Is Sex Good For You

Why Is Sex Good For You 1

Why is Sex good for you?

Most of us, if not all of us enjoy sex. The intense feeling of making love to that special someone or just going for a quickie with a partner is an enjoyable experience all around. We all have our particular likes and dislikes about the act, but many don’t understand the health benefits. Sex is not only pleasing; there are many health benefits with it.

It Lowers Your Stress Levels

Sex can reduce your stress levels. Case studies found that both men and women who have an active sex life, have lower blood pressure than those who don’t. Of course, other factors come into play with this especially having a proper diet, but exercise is also an essential component. What form of exercise is out there that is better than sex? We’ll wait.

Reduces Your Risk of Heart Attacks

Want to work towards having a healthier heart while lowering your risk of heart attacks? Have more sexual intercourse. Several case studies have shown that people who regularly have sex and achieve orgasm, are less likely to develop heart problems. The reason for this could be because when both men and women have an orgasm, they release chemicals which balance their bodies. When these chemicals are not released, our bodies are out of whack and can develop health issues. Who knew that having an orgasm was so important?

The Obvious, Starting a Family

Many people dream of starting a family or expanding their family. We all know that for that to happen sex must take place, but it’s important to understand just how effective your sex needs to be to do so. Men who ejaculate daily have been determined to have higher quality sperm than those who don’t. So if you’re trying to get pregnant and aren’t having sex every day, then this might be something you want to try.

Having Sex Can Decrease Pain

Do you suffer from pain? An orgasm may be just the medicine you need. Studies have shown that an orgasm from sexual intercourse or masturbation can decrease pain. Hormones released during an orgasm, help block pain signals which result in your body being more at ease. So maybe next time instead of popping an aspirin, you’ll consider an orgasm instead.

Reduce Anxiety & Boost your Mental Health

Mental health is probably one of the most important factors of all. If you want to be happier and increase your overall wellbeing, consider having a few orgasms a week. While there are somethings that sex can’t fix, you may live a happier life if you have an orgasm a day. Doctors used to say that an apple a day would keep them away, but recently that has changed to an orgasm. Let’s face it, your mental health must be in tip top shape first, and then everything else falls into place.

It Could Help You Sleep Better

If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, an orgasm can fix that as well. While women usually like to bother men because they fall right to sleep after sex, it’s a reason for that. A specific chemical is released once we have an orgasm that in return makes us sleepy. So maybe next time your partner falls asleep immediately after sex you can now be a bit more understanding.

Without a doubt, we now know why sex is essential for you. The many health benefits and the tremendous intense feeling of it should be enough to make you want to make your sex life better. Research is necessary with anything you do so if you want even more tips and tricks it’s important to follow our blog for weekly updates on how to make your sex life even more enjoyable. While you’re at it, take a look around at our sex toys. We’re sure they’ll help your sex life be even more exciting.

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