Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable Butt Plugs will expand inside of you for amazing anal stimulation. Once inserted you can work your way up from small to a larger size depending on what you feel comfortable with. Simply squeeze the ball pump untill you reach the desired size. Expandable Butt Plugs can be enjoyed by beginners or the more advanced.

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A beginner can use it as a standard butt plug and not inflate. Once they are more comfortable they can use the attached pump ball and inflate the plug to their desired size. Experienced players will also use these Anal Inflatables to take their anal pleasures to the max. Start of slowly, insert just a small amount and work your way up to recieve those ultimate stretching sensations. All of our Inflatable Anal Toys are delivered in Secure, Plain, Discreet Packaging so you can shop in confidence at adultshopit.