Making Your Gay Relationship Last

Making Your Gay Relationship Last 1

Make Your Gay Relationship A Success Congratulations! You are in a wonderful relationship with the man of your dreams. It may have taken you a while to get here, but you are finally with your soulmate and don’t ever want to let go. You know that every relationship isn’t perfect, but you’re willing to do […]

Not Tonight Honey I’m Not In The Mood

Not Tonight Honey I'm Not In The Mood 1

Not Tonight Honey I’m Not In The Mood If you’re finding that your partner is not as interested in sex as he or she used to be, you’re not alone. Many couples find themselves experiencing a “sex drought.” The arousing sexy act that used to bring you two together and show your true emotions can […]

The Best Sex Positions For Men and Women

The Best Sex Positions For Men and Women 2

  Some of The Best Sex Positions to try Sex is always a fun topic to discuss especially when it’s amongst a plethora of sex toys. Usually, we try to incorporate our affordable sex toys in some way in our articles, but we like to touch on things that may be an issue for some […]

What is a Macrophilia or Microphilia Fetish

What is a Macrophilia or Microphilia Fetish 1

What is Macrophilia? Have you ever had a dream where a fifty-foot woman was towering over you and made you into her sex slave? Maybe you’ve had thoughts about a tiny woman crawling all over your skin and making you do things you’ve never even thought of? Well, maybe your dream wasn’t quite that descriptive, […]

Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina

Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina 1

Here are a few Things You Should Never Put Inside Your Vagina. You might have heard stories from your friends or seen them on late night tv, about women putting unnecessary things into their vagina that ended up causing them some harm. While most of us would think that all one has to do is […]

Why Is Sex Good For You

Why Is Sex Good For You 2

Why is Sex good for you? Most of us, if not all of us enjoy sex. The intense feeling of making love to that special someone or just going for a quickie with a partner is an enjoyable experience all around. We all have our particular likes and dislikes about the act, but many don’t […]

Gimp Masks and Fetish Wear

Gimp Masks and Fetish Wear Image 1

  If you’re deep into fetishes, then you probably know everything to do with Gimp Masks and Fetish Wear. You’ve probably seen those full latex suits where you can’t see the person’s eyes or mouth. You probably wondered how could they even breathe in that thing and tried to figure out what type of fetish […]

Kink Vs Fetish What’s The Difference

    At some point in our lives we’ve been completely turned on by something that turned into an intense sexual desire. Maybe you were turned on by the curve in a woman’s foot or maybe you love the thought of being used as a personal toilet. Kinks and fetishes are just like opinions, we […]

Is Sexting, Texting and Watching Porn Cheating

Is Sexting, Texting and Watching Porn Cheating

Trust is the most important component in any relationship. Without trust, you simply have nothing but a meaningless union between two people who don’t know if they’re coming or going. Temptation has always been around, but it’s becoming even harder in today’s society for people to stay committed. Sexting, texting, and watching porn can easily […]

Gamers and their Sex Lives

Gamers and their Sex Lives 1

Are Gamers Sex Lives at risk? It’s no secret that both men and women enjoy indulging in the gaming culture. From fighting creatures and saving nations, video games help people escape the daily hustle and bustle by putting them into a completely different dimension. For some, games just add onto their life while others are […]

Do Some People Have A Small Penis Fetish

Do Some People Have A Small Penis Fetish

  In our past articles we’ve covered almost every fetish imaginable. From big boobs to even nocturnal beings such as vampires. However there is one fetish we have yet to dig deep into. If you’ve ever asked yourself do some people have a small penis fetish then you’re in luck. It’s no secret that some […]

Is It Wrong To Have Period Sex

Is It Wrong To Have Period Sex 1

    When a woman’s special friend visits or her period comes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your partner in the sexual sense. Many are under this pre conceived notion that a period means absolutely no sex whatsoever. In earlier days some would be disgusted at the thought of someone even having […]

Places To Have Sex Other Than The Bedroom

Places To Have Sex Other Than The Bedroom

Couples both new and old are always trying to find new ways to spice up their sex lives. Routines can become boring very quickly and the need to find new ways to do things come up eventually. When it comes to sex, you always want to make sure you keep that spark alive in your […]

What Is Sadomasochism

What Is Sadomasochism 1

So What Exactly Is Sadomasochism? Have you ever asked your partner if you could tie them up and place nipple clamps on them while you inflict pain on their groin region? Or have you ever watched an adult movie and got hot and bothered from seeing someone get walked all over in 6 inch stiletto […]

What Are Suction Cup Sex Toys

What Are Suction Cup Sex Toys

If you’ve ever used a vibrator or an anal toy you’ve probably already been introduced to suction cup sex toys. These types of toys have many benefits and can bring any kind of sexual play to new heights. A suction cup toy has a base that can be stuck to most smooth, flat surfaces, which […]

What Is Erotic Spanking

What Is Erotic Spanking 1

When some think of spanking they think of the classic punishment they receive when they’ve done something wrong. Spanking doesn’t always have to be about punishments. Many practice spanking in the bedroom and often receive some type of gratification from it. If you’ve ever asked your partner to give your bottom a firm smack, then […]

5 Kinky Halloween Fetishes

5 Kinky Halloween Fetishes

Halloween is almost here! That means those who may not be as comfortable as others during the other months of the year to show their kinky side, can do so during this time. When you think of the dark holiday, candy and other sweet treats might come to mind along with festive costumes and maybe […]

Kinky Roleplaying Costumes For The Bedroom

Passion Siena Nurse Set 1

Kinky Roleplaying can be a fun and exciting thing to experience. You can get creative, set the scene or become a favourite character. Dressing up can create magical sexual experiences with your partner. Some find roleplaying somewhat intimidating if they’ve never experienced it before, while others who may be more free spirited enjoy creating roleplays […]

When To Throw Your Sex Toy Away

When to throw your sex toy away

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they must let go of certain things. It may be in fact something you really don’t want to get rid of but the reality of things is that you must find a way to say your peace and let it go. Just like anything else, it’s important […]

What is Corporal Punishment in BDSM

What is Corporal Punishment in BDSM

What does Corporal Punishment Mean? If you find that pain is pleasure then you’re in for a treat. Corporal punishment or CP as it’s also known is when physical pain is inflicted onto one another. Now we’re not talking about the type of spanking your parents give you when you’ve done something bad. Corporal punishment […]

Perverted Sexual Fantasies

Perverted Sexual Fantasies 1

It’s no secret that many of us love to test our sexual boundaries and push ourselves to the limit to see exactly how far we will go. We all have different and some common sexual fantasies. Have you ever had an impregnation fantasy or a virgin fantasy? If so, you may be surprised that these […]

What Is Pegging

What Is Pegging

Up to this point we’ve discussed many things such as BDSM, Dominant Sex, How to give oral, and a dozen other topics. Things just get more interesting from here as we dig deeper into anal sex. As a man, you may want to explore new things with your woman and reach new sexual heights with […]

What is Watersports?

What is Watersports

Fancy a bit of Watersports or a Golden Shower Anyone? If you’re a BDSM kinkster then you probably already know the ins and outs of watersports, but for those who have no idea what it involves, you’re in for a treat. Ever heard of a golden shower? Well if you have, you’ve already been introduced […]

How To Ask For Anal Sex

How To Ask For Anal Sex 1

It can always be a little nerve wrecking when trying to bring something new into the bedroom. You might not know how to approach your partner and may even be afraid that you’ll be let down. The very best way to bring up anything is to be up front and honest, but if that doesn’t […]