The Secret Fetish Of Animal Dildos

The Secret Fetish Of Animal Dildos 1

It’s no surprise at all that plenty of people have a fetish, and absolutely anything can be one. You may have heard of some of the more obvious ones, like having a foot fetish, having a thing for anal sex or loving used knickers. But there’s one kink that hasn’t been talked about much, and […]

Playing With Your Booty Will Make You Happy

Playing With Your Booty Will Make You Happy 1

We all have a butthole, so why not play with it? You really should get yourself some anal sex toys, as playing with your booty will make you happy. I know all of you “straight” men think that anal sex toys are only for gay men. I also know that all of you ladies think […]

The Modern Sex Toys Of Today 2024

The Modern Sex Toys Of Today 1

It’s not surprising as the years progress that sex toys are becoming more popular daily. It used to be a taboo subject, and no one would ever admit to owning one, but now times have changed, and we think it’s for the better. Read on to find out which sex toys suit you in 2024. […]

The Latest Sex Toys at Adultshopit

Orion Invader Veiny Space Alien Silicone Dildo 1

We at adultshopit UK always get excited when new sex toys are arriving, so if you want to keep up to date with the latest adult products on our website, keep reading. We try to help people who want to choose an adult product for their needs and requirements. With so many to choose from […]

How to have great sex in long term relationships

How to have great sex in long term relationships

We all know sex can be great, and it usually is when you’re in a relationship, but how do we have great sex in long-term relationships? Let’s look into this a bit closer. The differences in our sex drives can impact whether you both have great sex. If one partner has a high sex drive […]

Whip and Spank Me Daddy

Whip and Spank 1

If you’re new to BDSM, then “Impact Play” may sound like a very violent and kinky role-playing act, but it’s not. We will teach you how to safely participate in impact play so you won’t have any fears about trying it! Hey,, WTF is Impact Play? Most people probably know what “impact play” is, […]

5 Kinky Halloween Fetishes

5 Kinky Halloween Fetishes

Halloween is almost here! That means those who may not be as comfortable as others during the other months of the year to show their kinky side can do so during this time. When you think of the dark holiday, candy and other sweet treats might come to mind, with festive costumes and maybe even […]

Games For An Adult Halloween Party

Games For An Adult Halloween Party 1

  Finding games for an adult Halloween party can be a little tricky. On the one hand, you want to enjoy Halloween’s fun. But on the other hand, you like party games that adults will want to participate in. With Halloween fast becoming one of the best-loved occasions in the world, it’s the perfect opportunity […]

Black Friday Sex Toy Deals

  Black Friday is a highly anticipated shopping event that happens every year, offering consumers the chance to grab great deals on a wide range of products. Many people associate Black Friday with electronics, clothing, and household items, but it’s also when the adult industry offers enticing discounts on sex toys. Sex toys have become […]

Sex Toys and Boudoir Secrets of Escorts in London

How do you do so when you’re by yourself and want to engage in self-pleasure? Chances are, more often than not, you depend on just your hands to get the job done. And while they may be reliable enough, there are times when you need something more to enhance the experience. The solution–sex toys. Sex […]

Exploring Pleasure: A Guide to P-Spot Sex Toys

Exploring Pleasure A Guide to P-Spot Sex Toys

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on P-Spot sex toys, a largely unexplored topic despite its potential for incredible pleasure. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of male pleasure and shed light on the various P-Spot sex toys available in the market. Whether you are a beginner or looking to enhance your […]

How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners


How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners You’ve landed on your sex toy website of choice, and you’re looking at the endless variety of anal toys they offer when you spot some anal beads. If you’ve never used them, you may ask yourself, how do I use anal beads? It’s no wonder bum beads are […]

Ultimate Guide To Shemale Sex Dolls

Life Size Transsexual Doll

Ultimate Guide To Shemale Sex Dolls Most of us know that sex toy shops sell a wide range of female and male sex dolls but did you know that you can also buy a Shemale Sex Doll? If you didn’t, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Most adult retailers now stock a wide variety […]

How To Use Cock Rings For Beginners in 2023

Titanmen penis ring

Cock Rings are a cheap yet highly effective sex toy for enhancing pleasures, but if you’ve never used one before, you may be scratching your head thinking, How do I use a cock ring? This is where we’re here to help. It’s no wonder these stretchy penis bands are so popular; as previously mentioned, they […]

Beginner’s Guide To Humiliation Play

Beginner's Guide To Humiliation Play

Humiliation Play & Degradation Sexual Humiliation is a form of edgeplay that taps into the emotional side of a person. It can get degrading pretty quickly and often goes beyond any previously set limits. Many enjoy humiliation because it taps into a forbidden side that usually doesn’t get any attention. It also allows many to […]

Are Sex Toys Replacing People in 2023

Are Sex Toys Replacing People 1

Are Sex Toys Replacing people in 2023 is one of the questions we get asked? We believe sex toys are a great asset to many couples’ bedroom drawers, toy boxes, or wherever they stash them. Sex toys are a great thing that many couples use, and single people too. Couples will tease and please each […]

The Best Sex Toys For Men In 2023

Is it time we discussed the best sex toys for men in 2023? There are plenty of topics about sex toys for women and couples, but what about the guys out there that want the best pleasures from their sex toys? The experts say men hesitate to use sex toys as a couple as some […]

Giving Head, what is it?

Giving Head, what is it? Well, giving Head is sucking a man’s cock, also called fellatio,  also referred to as going down on someone or oral sex. Can I have a blow job? It’s mouth-to-penis sucking or mouth-to-genital sex, whether female-to-male or male-to-male; it makes no difference. It can also mean cunnilingus eating out that […]

Tips to get started with sex toy business online

Tips to Get Started With Sex Toy Business Online Starting a whole new business online is an overwhelming task, especially if you plan to start a business selling sex toys in bulk or individually. Long gone are those days when it felt awkward to start a business like this. But still, people might not do […]

How to start selling sex toys online-10 important tips

Sex toys have been selling like hotcakes for the last few years, which can be accredited to more people accepting sex as an act of love rather than a taboo which has been the case for ages. Also, the recent lockdowns due to the pandemic have led to a rise in the sales of sex […]

Countdown To Christmas With A Sex Toy Advent Calendar

Countdown To Christmas With A Sex Toy Advent Calendar 1

  Christmas is fast approaching, and the countdown to Christmas has never been so exciting. It’s that time of year again when those well-deserved advent calendars are hitting the shelves. Long gone are the days when we had the standard advent calendars with the 25 tiny chocolates inside that lasted all of a minute in […]

Have you ever had sex with your partner while they’re asleep

Have you ever had sex with your partner while they're asleep 1

Has anyone ever touched you or had sex with you while you’re asleep? If you’re a male, has your partner felt your dick, sucked you or tried to masturbate you? You’d be surprised at how many couples love this type of sex. It could be that you are in a relaxed state; yes, you are […]

Beginner’s Guide To Sexual Lubricants

Beginner's Guide To Sexual Lubricants

  Beginner’s Guide To Sexual Lubricants If you want to indulge in better sex and you’re thinking about purchasing some lube, we’re here to help. With so many different lubes on the market, it’s not easy knowing which one to choose. There are so many types, including water-based, Silicone, Oil-based and many more. All of […]

Beginners Guide To Buying Your First Vibrator

Buying your first vibrator

So you’ve decided to purchase your first vibrator, and you land on your chosen website to be greeted by hundreds of different kinds. Buying your first vibrator can be daunting; you don’t want to pick the wrong vibrator for you. You may not like it, end up wasting your money and then be put off […]