Animal Dildos

Animal dildos are perfect for those kinky pet play sessions you have in mind. Bring out the animal in you with our fabulous range of dildos created from animals anatomies and their other body parts. Our selection includes Dog Dildos, Horse Dildos, Whale Dildos, Donkey Dildos and for you wild ones out there we even have some Deer Dildos.  These unusual dildos will definitely bring a new dimension to your animal roleplay games

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Animal Dildos for your Pet Play Fetish

So you want to explore your kinky side? then an animal dildo may be just the thing you need. If you have a pet play fetish then our animal sex toys will satisfy you deepest desires. Some of these dildos are created to look just like a real animals penis while some of the dildos are created to look like other animals body parts.

One of our Best-selling dildos is the Rex Dog Penis Dildo, this dildo is a replica of a dogs penis that looks incredibly realistic and it’s 100% waterproof too. Take your animal roleplay games to the next level and play the part of a non-human animal with our selection of dildos at adultshopit.

All orders are packaged in totally plain packaging for your discretion, shop in confidence at Adultshopit.