Vibrating Knickers

Vibrating Knickers are perfect for discreetly teasing your intimate parts. Wear some Vibrating Panties and enjoy sensational clitoral stimulation. We stock a range of Remote Control Vibrating Underwear. So put them on and pass your lover the remote, they’ll decide the pleasures you receive.

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Vibrating Knickers for Discreet Pleasures

What could be better than a pair of vibrating pants? Imagine slipping them on and receiving pleasure whenever and wherever you are. You could even be at work, sat at your office desk and receiving mind-blowing orgasms. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is hide the fact you’re having multiple orgasms. We also stock a range of Strap-On Butterfly Vibrators and panty vibes that wrap around your underwear. So if you need some self-pleasures, check out our range of Vibration Knickers and Thongs, they’ll drive you wild.