How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners

How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners

You’ve landed on your sex toy website of choice, and you’re looking at the endless variety of anal toys they have to offer when you spot some anal beads. If you’ve never used them before, you may be asking yourself, how do I use anal beads?

It’s no wonder bum beads are so popular; they’re usually low-priced, fun-looking and provide an opportunity for endless amounts of anal play.

There are plenty to choose from too, some of them have vibrating options, whilst some of the standard types have the usual beads on a string that graduate in size. Whichever variety you choose, you’re sure to have endless amounts of backdoor fun.

If you’re a couple who enjoy anal sex, anal beads are perfect for foreplay and preparing for anal sex.

Most people start off using small beads that will allow you to get used to insertion, and then you can gradually increase to the larger sizes when you feel more confident to do so.

1. Always use lube

If you’re going to be using bum beads, whether this is for the first time or the 100th time, you should always use lube.

As with the use of any anal toy, we always recommend that you use a suitable anal lubricant before insertion. This makes popping the toy in your bottom easier and more comfortable.

Before insertion, add plenty of lubricant to the beads and the point of entry (bottom). Find a position that’s comfortable for you, and gradually start to insert the beads. If you’re using Silicone Beads, you must use a water-based lubricant, so it doesn’t damage the toy.


How To Use Anal Beads For Beginners







Doc Johnson Natural Anal Glide Lubricant 96g


This Doc Johnson Lube is a must-have anal lube; the thick formula reduces the need to re-apply during play.

2. Inserting your anal beads safely.

Now you have the lube sorted out; it’s time to insert your beads safely.

Start with the smallest bead first, and if you feel ready, insert more. The key thing is to go slow and if you’re not enjoying the experience or feel any discomfort, stop. Make sure you are in a comfortable position, and Keep your anus spread so the beads will go in easily. Most anal beads come with a safety retrieval cord, so the beads won’t go in too far and can be easily pulled out once you’ve finished.

3. Anal Beads perfect for beginners

Flexible anal beads are perfect for beginners as they bend easily into position. As they are super-flexible, they can stimulate parts that provide sensational pleasures.

Jelly Anal Beads on a string are usually the first choice for beginners, they are not only low-priced, but they really provide immense sensations.

These kinds of beads usually start with a small bead on the end, then each bead increases in size. Some users leave them in place whilst they have sex. You can even pull them out quickly during climax for intense stimulation.

Loving Joy Anal Love Beads







Loving Joy Anal Love Beads Purple


The Loving Joy Anal Love Beads are one of our best-selling anal beads, and with good reason. They are soft, flexible and will give you that filled-up feeling in your rear.

4. More experienced

Once you’ve become more experienced and confident using smaller anal beads, you can advance to something new.

Experiment with larger beads, or try some that vibrate for added thrills.

Booty 2 Vibrating Anal Beads







Booty 2 Vibrating Anal Beads


The Booty 2 Vibrating Anal Beads are perfect for vibrating bottom pleasures. Treat yourself to a sensational anal massage with this 10-inch string of beads.

5. Removing the anal beads

When you’re finished, it doesn’t mean the pleasures have to stop; when removing the beads, the pleasures will continue. Slowly pull out the beads during orgasm for mind-blowing sensations. Play around with your new toy to find out what gives you the most pleasures.

6. Cleaning your toy

You should always clean your toy before and after each use to avoid any infections occurring. If you want to make your anal play even cleaner, you can always prepare yourself using an anal douche. Choose a gentle anal douche, fill with water and give your bottom a good clean. Just remember not to do this too often as you may end up irritating your bum, and you don’t want that. Another thing to note is that you should never share anal sex toys, so if you’re using them as a couple, either clean them thoroughly before each of you use them or have a set of beads each.

Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner

Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner


The Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner is just what you need to keep your new anal toy clean and ready for each use. Spray on your toy, leave for 2 minutes; then it will be clean and germ-free.

Colt Bum Buddy Douche Black







Colt Bum Buddy Douche Black


Prepare your bottom for clean, safe and fun anal play with the Colt Bum Buddy Douche Black. This premium anal douche holds up to 15.5 fl oz of liquid, making sure you get a thorough clean.

So there we have it; hopefully, if you were thinking of using anal beads for the first time, you will now feel more confident to do so. Don’t forget to check out our other handy sex toy guides to help you choose which sex toys to buy or, if you’ve already taken the plunge, our how-to guides to teach you the best and safest ways to use them.

Enjoy yourselves and have fun.

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