Not Tonight Honey I’m Not In The Mood

Not Tonight Honey I'm Not In The Mood 1

Not Tonight Honey I’m Not In The Mood

If you’re finding that your partner is not as interested in sex as he or she used to be, you’re not alone. Many couples find themselves experiencing a “sex drought.” The arousing sexy act that used to bring you two together and show your true emotions can sometimes no longer be fun for one of you. You may find yourself trying to come up with ideas to create that spark again, but you keep falling short. However, all hope is not lost. Are you constantly hearing “Not Tonight Honey I’m Not In The Mood?” Well, these tips should hopefully bring back that sexual appetite into your relationship.

Not Tonight Honey I’m Tired

First, it’s important to figure out why you and your partner aren’t having as much sex. Is one of you working extended hours? Are you all having financial difficulties? Did a life event change the mood of your relationship? These are all relevant questions to get down to the root of the problem. So often couples let life consume them making them forget about the essential needs their partner has. Everyone needs love and affection no matter what the situation is. Yes, couples get into arguments, but that shouldn’t make you forget what is most important. Some of us get so wrapped up in the same routine that we in return make our relationships dull. Everything needs a little spicing up now and then.

Make Sex a Priority

One way to make your partner in the mood again is by making sex a priority. Tell your partner your feelings. Let him, or she know that you miss the times where your bodies were in sync and that you crave to have that feeling again. Don’t beat around the bush. Be very upfront with your feelings so the two of you can come to a common ground.

Get Your Partner In The Mood

Focusing on getting your partner in the mood will help as well. While oral sex helps, there are non-sexual things that are equally as good. Try doing more chores around the house or going out of your way to do something special for your partner. If you get in their car and see the gas tank is empty, go fill it up. If you notice they need an oil change, take the car to the shop. Want to surprise them completely? Take them on a romantic date to that new restaurant in town. There are so many little ways to show them you care that may in return bring back the sex element into your relationship.

Sometimes there are medical factors that can make someone not want to have sex as well. Your partner’s hormones could be off, or they could be suffering from an underlying medical condition that makes sex not so exciting. Talk to your partner about seeing a doctor if you suspect an issue. Sometimes it can be an easy fix, but only a doctor can help identify the reason behind why your partner is Not In The Mood. There are also some very natural ways to boost your libido that have been proven to help couples in a sexual crisis.

Eat Aphrodisiacs

Eating aphrodisiacs and exercising are two common ways of doing this.
When all else fails, and you think you need to add a different element to the bedroom, try a sex toy. Sex toys help make intercourse more exciting while in return exposing you and your partner to something new. Remember change is inevitable no matter what’s going on so just because you and your partner are currently having a sexual slump, it doesn’t mean it will last forever. Sometimes life gets the best of all of us, and it takes time to gain a new perspective and change things for the better.

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