The Best Sex Positions For Men and Women


The Best Sex Positions For Men and Women 2

Some of The Best Sex Positions to try

Sex is always a fun topic to discuss especially when it’s amongst a plethora of sex toys. Usually, we try to incorporate our affordable sex toys in some way in our articles, but we like to touch on things that may be an issue for some couples as well. When discussing sex, we often sometimes forget some of the essential elements of the act. Of course, there’s foreplay, the BDSM aspect, and the aftercare. But what about sex positions? Even more specifically, what is The Best Sex Positions For Men and Women?

Missionary, Man on top

One of the most popular and considered best sex positions by some is the missionary position. A lot of people see this as the virgin sex position, but in reality, it really can be spiced up quite a bit. Men, it’s a known fact that some women don’t climax through sexual intercourse. It can be a touchy subject, but it doesn’t have to be hard to help correct this issue that some have. Why not purchase a vibrator and bring your woman to orgasm while you’re on top?, This would be a fantastic way to try something new but also show your woman that you care enough to go to great lengths to make her climax.

Doggy Style

You don’t necessarily have to be submissive to enjoy this next position. Doggy style is probably one of the best sex positions for men with women because it helps the man be in control while the woman receives the stimulation she needs. The speed can be controlled, and other sexual gestures such as spanking can be added on for some kinky fun. The Doggy style position is the perfect position because you can stimulate a woman’s clitoris with your hand while still stroking from behind, this is great for those who have trouble climaxing during sex.

The Cowgirl Position

When a woman wants to feel in control and give herself a better chance of having an orgasm, the cowgirl position just may do the trick. This sex position helps women be able to control their speed while squeezing their vagina walls to make their partner even more erect. By the woman being in charge, she can help herself have a more intense orgasm while her partner follows behind. If you want to up things a notch, the reverse cowgirl does the trick as well.

Upstanding Citizen Sex Position

If you want to score significant points in the bedroom and show off just how physically fit you are, the upstanding citizen sex position might just be up your alley. This position is done by the female wrapping her legs around your body as you support her body by holding onto her bottom half. You can ease into this position if you want, but for most, it’s one of those positions that set the tone for the bedroom. It would seem that the man is in control with this position, but that doesn’t have to be true. Yes, the man supports the woman in this position, but she can still take control and regulate the speed.

There are many great sex positions for men and women. What it boils down to is what makes both you and your partner comfortable because whatever works for you is honestly the best position for your love life. The only way you can figure out what works and what doesn’t is by trying out one at a time. If you want to add an extra dose of sexy into your next lovemaking session, try one of our many sex toys. They’ll turn any sex position into a better one.

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