True Spanking Stories Volume VI Paperback Book

True Spanking Stories Volume VI Paperback Book


63 true accounts of spanking pain & pleasure with spankings to suit every taste and sexual pleasure.

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True Spanking Stories Volume VI Paperback Book, edited by Sasha Cave.

This Erotic Book features True Accounts of erotic spanking, BDSM spanking, punishment spanking, discipline spanking, OTK spanking, kinky spanking, corporal punishment, domestic discipline and spanking fetishism with hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, switch and more.

Sixth in the ground breaking series this Adult Book features 63 true accounts of spanking pain and pleasure.

There are spankings for every taste and sexual preference in this full size book (220 pages), from amazingly erotic experiences often followed by hot sex.

Also included are ordeals of fearful anticipation, humilation and pain. Some of these stories are written by the spanker and some by the spankee, whilst the author has chose the most vivid descriptions of the spankings whilst capturing the thoughts and feelings of the spanker and spanked.

This book features every kind of relationship from Husbands/Wives, Boyfriends/Girlfriends, Parent/Teen, Principle/Student, Sorority Sister/Pledge, Reformatory Official/Inmate, Senior Cheerleaders/New Girls, Boss/Employee, Birthday Spankings and much much more.

There is every type of spanking position, method and ritual in this Spanking Book.

There’s bare bottom spanking and even spanking over underwear, panties and thongs, so there’s something to excite everyone.

Different spanking implements are also used from a hairbrush, paddle, starp, switch, cane and 15 other implements are also used to whack that bottom. Plus we didn’t forget that countless hands are also applied to hot, red, bouncing buttocks.

Some of the writers in this book have been spanked for years whilst others have shared their first experience with you while their bottoms are still red and burning.

Please be warned, some of these stories may include Dominance/Submission, Erotic Humiliation, Restraint, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Age Play, Medical Play, Domestic Discipline, some other punishments and all kinds of sex.

Some examples of some stories are Spanking Cheerleaders, It’s Tradition, Hand Spankings, Erotic and a Bonding Experience, The Joys of our Master Slave Relationship, Misbehaving Wives get spanked together, Spanking in public places, Lesbians trade sizzling spankings and playing doctor, Caning his secretary and his parents approve, Practical advice on how to give and take your first spanking, Corner time and punishment rituals and more.

A great read for you pleasure seekers out there and surely a must have spanking book. This Erotic book in our opinion covers it all in the subject of spanking and has great story lines that’ll grip you from beginning to end, have you been spanked lately?

True Spanking Stories Volume VI Features


Format, Paperback

Number of pages, 220

Language, English











Additional Information

Format, Paperback

Number of pages, 220

Language, English


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