African Queen Love Doll


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African Queen Love Doll. A life-size inflatable doll with velvet brown skin, willing mouth, tight vagina and tight ass.

This dark-skinned beauty is made to please you whenever and wherever you wish, she’ll never say no to you, and she’s always in the mood.

Just blow her up and let her fulfil all your wildest fantasies.

Lube her up and take her vaginally while you squeeze her perky breasts or turn her over and slide your penis into her tight ass. Or, if you fancy a Blow Job, poke your pleasure rod into her open mouth.

Whichever hole you decide to penetrate, this African Lover is sure to show you a good time.

African Queen Love Doll Features


Female Blow-Up Doll

Colour, Brown

Size, LifeSize

3 Love Holes, Vagina, Ass & Mouth

Material, PVC

Brand, You2Toys

SKU, 05113150000

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