Heating & Vibrating Automatic Male Masturbator


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This item: Heating & Vibrating Automatic Male Masturbator

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The Heating & Vibrating Automatic Male Masturbator is a revolutionary toy for men.

With its array of high-spec features, your play will reach heights you have never experienced before.

Browse through nine vibration frequencies; slide yourself inside and let your pleasures begin.

The new, upgraded, powerful motor is 30% stronger at squeezing.

The transparent aeroplane cup design lets you watch the penis inserting and pulling process for sensational visual stimulation.

The soft inner sleeve’s unique texture feels incredibly realistic; how long could you last penetrating it?

This male masturbator is also perfect for using as a penis training tool to train yourself to last longer.

Feel the temperature rise thanks to the constant temperature and fast heat; this adds to the realism.

Fancy a bit of dirty talk? Then listen out as this toy has a range of new scenario voices to get you in the mood.

The LCD control panel makes switching between modes a breeze.

Enhance your masturbation with this next-level male masturbator.

Heating & Vibrating Automatic Male Masturbator Features


Nine vibration frequency

3D stereo channel

Voice induction

LED display

Workout visualisation

Three-step disassembly & washing

Power, USB Rechargeable

Material, Silicone, ABS & TPE

Sku, ASHOP86



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