Karla Deluxe Mouth Stroker Medium


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This item: Karla Deluxe Mouth Stroker Medium

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Treat yourself to blowjobs on tap with the Karla Deluxe Mouth Stroker Medium.

Karla loves to wrap her gorgeous lips around her man until he blows his load straight into her.

Add some lube and plunge your cock into her wet and willing mouth.

Thrust in and out as slow or fast as you desire, and the inner textures will caress your penis.

The unique oral tunnel of Karla’s mouth features nubs of various sizes for intense stimulation.

The deeper you thrust, the more textures you will feel, and the large and small orbs will massage your shaft from tip to base.

Enjoy this oral masturbator alone or with a partner for shared pleasure.

Once your oral sex session is finished, you can clean up quickly thanks to the open-ended design.

Karla Deluxe Mouth Stroker Medium Features


Soft & stretchy realistic mouth detailing is visually appealing as you thrust and pound her mouth.

Open-ended design, easy cleanup with a removable plug for a more relaxed suction. Keep the Silicone plugin for an intense suction feel.

Hardshell casing, this stroker features a solid handle and lid to cover the stroker for easy storage after use.

Measurements, Plastic case Length 8 inches, Width 3.3 inches

Material, Bioskin TPE sourced from the USA

Phthalate-free, Latex-free & super soft.

Brand, Mistress

SKU, CN-07-0855-12   STDIS





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