Lovetoy King Sized Anal Bomber 9″


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This item: Lovetoy King Sized Anal Bomber 9"

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The Lovetoy King Sized Anal Bomber 9″ is perfect for anal enthusiasts who love it large.

So you enjoy that filled-up feeling in your rear, do you? Then you’re in the right place.

The Anal Bomber butt plug is smooth, flexible and very girthy, just the way you like it.

Even advanced anal toy users will find this whopper a challenge.

Add some lube to the toy and gradually start insertion; you’ll be well impressed once it’s all in.

It will feel great to grind up and down on because of its weight to insert.

Just let gravity pull it out slightly before going down again.

Prepare yourself for some proper anal training with the width and depth you crave with the anal bomber.

Just get ready to be blown away.

Lovetoy King Sized Anal Bomber 9″ Features


Colour, Black

Base diameter, 3.5 Inches

Circumference, 10.5 inches

Insertable length, 8 inches

Total length, 9 inches

Contains Phthalates, No

Flexibility, Firm

Material, PVC






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