Bad Kitty Sex Swing


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This Bad Kitty Sex Swing will allow you to achieve all those near-impossible positions with ease.

It has a variety of straps to choose from allowing you to customize your posture for maximum pleasures.

It has padded straps for your comfort and reinforced belts that will fully support you and your lover.

You can use all or some of the straps each time you use this swing for a customisable sex experience.

This Love Swing also comes with a plush padded blindfold and an 8 tailed flogger for your bondage fun.

Bad Kitty Sex Swing, Key Features

Strong and secure sex swing

2 x swing belts for bottom and back support

Hand and foot loops for stability

Tear-proof reinforced straps

Padded sections for comfortable positioning

Adjustable straps with secure buckles

Includes a flogger ( Polyamide tails with leather handle )

Also includes a padded elasticated blindfold

Sku, 05302980000

Additional Information

Colour, Black

Fully Adjustable, YES

Tearproof, YES

Padded Straps, YES

Maximum Load, 100kg

Brand, Bad Kitty

SKU, 05302980000


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