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Give your lover the shock of their life with the Shock Rod Zapping Wand.

This e-stim zapping wand is sure to delight them or terrorize them, that’s up to you to decide.

The wand features two prongs at the end which deliver pinpointed shocks for accurate and easy zapping.

There are two levels of intensity to choose from, giving you and your lover some variety.

To play at the lower power, simply press the (-) button. To play with the higher power, press the (+) button.

To deliver a shock at any level, press the power button and touch the skin.

It’s easy to keep your grip thanks to the easy-grip ribbed handle.

This electro wand is sure to add a whole new meaning to sensory play and evoke all sorts of emotions.

The build-up of Fear, excitement and anticipation will make your play better than ever.

Why not play a game? If your partner misbehaves they get a shock. The trouble is the game is much more fun when they lose. So why not make the game harder?

First, ask them to walk in a straight line, but then add obstacles and add balance to it to make it more difficult.

Maybe get them to balance a book on their head, while wearing heels and holding a cup of tea.

If they put one foot out of place, you know what to do, you zap them with the wand, perfect.

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Shock Rod Zapping Wand Features


Overall length, 14.9 inches

Handle diameter, 1.5 inches

Materials, ABS/Plastic/Metal

Colour, Blue/Black

Power, Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)

Brand, Zeus Electrosex






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