Ophoria Kegel Exercise Balls Pink


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Ophoria Kegel Exercise Balls Pink
This item: Ophoria Kegel Exercise Balls Pink

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Lasting Encounter Silicone Lubricant 60ml


Improve your sexual well being and increase your orgasms with these Ophoria Kegel Exercise Balls Pink.

Build and firm your pelvic floor muscles whilst using these K Balls.

These Kegel Balls are dedicated to providing women with gentle vaginal stimulation simultaneously this will build and tone your pelvic floor muscles, which in the long term will build and enhance your sexual intercourse pleasures.

The structural design and the supple material makes these kegel balls very easy to insert which will give varying levels of user experience.

These balls are 100% phthalate-free, with their gentle bulbous design these weighted shakers are absolutely ideal to tone up your pelvic floor muscles of which will improve your sex life and give you better orgasms with continuous use.

A pleasurable workout ladies for those bigger oos, surely these Ophoria Kegel Exercise Balls Pink should be in the top drawer of your bedroom draws.

Size, 10cm long, 3cm wide

Waterproof, YES

100% Silicone, YES

Brand, Ophoria

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