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BASIX Foot Fetish Fun, we know a lot of people have a foot fetish obviously from being in the Adult trade.

If you have ever been dominated or teased by a sexy woman then you know exactly what we’re talking about. As some people have a boob fetish or some people have a butt fetish we today are talking about an adult sex toy product that is designed for people with a foot fetish in mind.

So go on then if you’ve got a foot fetish and this is what turns you on then go for it, as we’ve got just the thing for you, these realistic, life-size, skin feet are for you.

They look amazingly real and they feel incredibly realistic to the touch and feel. So lick them, tickle them, stroke them, masturbate on them, use some imagination and do what you like with them.

Go on, buy these little piggies made from phthalate and latex-free rubber these BASIX Foot Fetish Fun feet won’t let you down.

Materials, Fanta Flesh

Length, 8 inches

Width, 3 inches

Size, Life Size

Phthalate Free, YES

Latex Free, YES

Colour, Flesh

Manufacturer, Pipedream


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