Beginner’s Guide To Anal Sex Toys


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Some may see this as a topic that should be behind closed doors but, I bet they too, wonder how it would be like using one of these. Why do people even use Anal Sex Toys? Heck, who would consider it in the first place?

In this article, we will show you what an anal sex toy is, why you should get an anal sex toy, how do you use it and, which ones will suit you best! But before we jump into that, let’s find out who thought of this in the first place.

It all started with humans striving for these two things – the desire for pleasure and to avoid pain. However, if you would put these two in a fighting ring, avoiding pain would triumph over the desire for pleasure.

In the earlier years during the times of Socrates and Plato in ancient Greek or some even say Roman, humans were very open about sex. And, of course, the “pull-out” method was the only way of preventing an unwanted pregnancy because they didn’t have condoms then. (Or did they…?)

But one day, some wise man decided to go for the other entrance to prevent pregnancy.

In Rome, when Julius Caesar ruled, homosexuality was rampant and a very ubiquitous happening. I mean you don’t need an expert to tell you that a man can’t have intercourse with another man because there are one too many dicks and, no entrances at all.

Until, someone said, “Hey, why not try this hole?”

Words spread like wildfire, and the rest is history.

What is an Anal Sex Toy?

Some individuals prefer anal sex or would like to spice things up in the bedroom once in a while. They got more adventurous and decided to have sex with the A-hole instead of the conventional way.

The thing is, the anus is pretty dirty compared to the vaginal one, isn’t it?

Worrying thoughts on whether it would be harmful to the person sticking his penis in would come back out with unwanted extra materials. So, instead of putting his one in, an anal sex toy is used instead.

Guide To Anal Sex Toys Butt Plug   This Starter Anal Plug is perfect for Beginners new to Anal Play.

An anal sex toy is a class of toys created to provide stimulation to the anal areas that are suitable for male and female usage. Typically, the design for these toys are ball-shaped and devised in a way that it will arouse the erogenous regions in the anal parts.

Also, they come with a stoppage-feature to prevent the anal sex toy from going too deep into the rectum.

That would be a pretty interesting story over some drinks, huh?

Why should you get an anal sex toy?

As previously mentioned, anal sex was not just for pleasure, but it’s a way of having the enjoyment of intercourse without fearing a positive on a pregnancy test.

If you are any of the two, an anal sex toy would be revolutionary to your sex life.

One, if you want all the pleasure of sex but don’t want the baby bump. It’s even safer than a contraceptive, and it’s free of charge. Forget about searching on Google “Am I pregnant?” or “Can I get pregnant with pre-cum?” anymore.

It’s definitive that no amount of ejaculation can make a lady preggo if it’s anal.

Two, if you are in a homosexual relationship and want to elevate the sexy time you have with each other. Be it a gay relationship or a lesbian one; an anal sex toy will be able to act as a bridge between the two of you and, of course, provide great sexual pleasure.

How do you use Anal Sex Toys?

I know many of you might worry about getting the object stuck in your anal passageway and have to make an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Follow the tips, and you should be fine!

Tip number 1: Choose the correct sex toy for the right hole

Just like how you don’t use a fork to drink soup, you don’t use a vibrator for the vagina as an anal sex toy. Anal sex toys for men and women are designed in a way where there is a handle to prevent it from going in to deep and pulling it out too.

Tip number 2: A good foreplay is key

Good foreplay helps intensify and get the hormones raging like mad. And when this happens, we all know that crazy things happen and we naturally let loose, This will help relax both parties in a way where there isn’t any unwanted resistance or concerns.

Tip number 3: Enjoy the sex

Ultimately, sex is super to be pleasurable, gratifying and all good fun. Enjoy the company of your partner, enjoy this intimate moment. (With a little kick of kink (;)

What are your options?

1, Butt Plugs

2, Anal Beads

3, Anal Douches and Enemas

4, Anal Vibrators

5, Anal Lubes

Check out our Quality Range of Anal Toys for you and your partner to test and see what you prefer.



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