FREE Sex Toys For Sex Toy Testers

FREE Sex Toys For Sex Toy Testers

FREE Sex Toys For Sex Toy Testers at Adultshopit, that’s right folks, you have read right. We are giving away Free Sex Toys.

If you are a Sex Toy Tester and Reviewer and have your own blog, you can contact us through our Contact Page. Leave your details, and we will get back to you and send you a free sex toy in the post.

All we ask for in return is that you leave us an honest, informative review on your own blog and link back to the product you have tested.

Please note if you would like to become a Sex Toy Tester and Reviewer and receive free sex toys from us, but you don’t have your own blog, all we ask from you is that you purchase at least 3 items from our website and write a review about each product. It is a good idea to get the reviews done within a month of receiving them.

If the reviews are beneficial to us and, more importantly, our customers, we will leave this review on our website, and we will select you as a Sex Toy Tester to review products for us. Please note if you are accepted to write reviews for us, we will send you adult products in the post for free, including posting and delivery.

We at adultshopit also pay some professional reviewers and give them sex toys, but this is only done with reputable, well-known reviewers who are good at what they do, and some make a living out of it.

We at adultshopit thank you for reading this, and if you think you would like to give it a go and become a tester, please get in touch.



37 thoughts on “FREE Sex Toys For Sex Toy Testers

  1. Andrew edwards says:

    Hey really new to this I’m staright dominant 22 yr old however I love putting big dicks in my tight little hole let me be a tester will always be honest

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for contacting us we are looking for professional testers that have a website or blog if that’s you let us know thanks Julie

  2. Julie H says:

    I am not very happy with you adultshopit i have purchased quite a few sex toys of which I’m very happy with and I asked you if I could become a sex toy tester and you refused me I know I do not have a website blog but I said to you I would make one but still you refused me, I will not buy any more sex toys from you it is your loss at the end of the day, thanks Julie.

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi Julie, we are sorry you feel this way. We have explained to you that we need more professional bloggers and have emailed you several times already.

  3. ปั้มไลค์ says:

    Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  4. James k says:

    Why can I not be a sex toy tester I have brought from your company many times you don’t seem to care about me at all not buying any more sex toys from you if you don’t give me the job seems unfair if you ask me.

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hello, James we very much appreciate that you choose us for your sex toys but we are looking for people with blogs who write about sex toys or adult related topics, the reason for this is we can link to the blog your blog it helps with SEO search engine optimization this brings traffic to our website and your blog, it is a win-win scenario. I hope this helps you, James, but if you have any other question contact us through the email contact us page and ill try my best to help you further thanks.

  5. xshopadmin says:

    Thanks for contacting us Lisa can you email us at please ask the same question we can advice you better then thanks Gary

  6. Lisa says:

    Can i ask a question i have brought sex toy vibrators before from your store would you like me to video my self using them, or if you prefer i can just talk about them and what i think about the quality materials used etc, let me know your thoughts please and get back to me with an answer thank you for your time its much appreciated Lisa.

  7. Nimmer says:

    Hello, my name is Nimmer I have sent you an email to ask if possible could I review male sex toys I have already brought from you a month back I could write about those.

  8. xshopadmin says:

    That’s great bob all the best

  9. xshopadmin says:

    Hello James thanks for contacting us we do work with people who have various disabilities I will email you thank you

  10. James says:

    Hello, I am male and have a Disability that affects all for of my limbs and find it very to find sex toys I can use. I’d like to become a tester to help people in the same situation as me. But I have no idea how to get involved in this type of job. Could I have some advice with this ?

    Thank you

  11. Gary Dennis s says:

    Bob fan of your sex toys

  12. Ebony Manson says:

    Hi, I’m interested in becoming a sex toy tester for you and so is my partner. I’ve sent you an email. We don’t have a blog but we’ve bought a few products from you and left reviews. I hope you can back to us soon.

  13. Michael kidd says:

    Hi i am very much interested in becoming a sexy toy tester, only just found your site and have left many reviews on i their websites, me and the mrs are happy to try out absolutely everything, please contact me if interested.

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hello Michael,
      Thanks for contacting us to become a sex toy tester you need a blog preferable and have written about sex toys adult products if you have a blog forward it to us so we can take a look if you have no blog you could purchase a couple of products from us write an article about them published on our website if there any good and more importantly useful to customers we will consider you as a sex toy tester and send you some free products to review, I hope this is of help to you many thanks Gary

  14. Hello

    I have just sent you an email in regards to becoming a sex toy tester.

    I have my own blog and have already reviewed a product of a different nature but would love to get into the sex toy industry.

    If you click on the link to my blog you will see I am honest and open about everything, I do not hold back.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Thanks i will email you

  15. Tiffany Ramos says:

    I will test any toy u send, also I am wondering if I could use them and record it so I can let anyone see me usevthe toy i will be willing to do it for free, if u send any toy i can be honored to have you watch it used, i will let u decide what you want me to yry, anything i can do to show its a thing I want to be able to have my pussy shown to all who want to look at so I was just wondering if you possibly could send me as long, and any size, n i will let you get to see all the toys and cum fir all tk see

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi Tiffany,
      Thanks for contacting us, we are only interested in people who want to test sex toys if you have your own blog and have writen about adult products. You ask about videoing yourself using the toy, that would be of no interest to us but a video of you reviewing the product would be great. i hope this helps you but if you need any other advice message me i will explain to you thanks.

  16. marcus hoy says:

    hello I asked to be a sex toy tester but no reply yet can someone please getback to me thanks

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi i have sent email to you thanks

  17. Mandy James says:

    Interested in becoming a toy reviewer

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi Mandy thanks for contacting us. i have emailed you thanks

      1. Mandy James says:

        Sorry don’t seem to have received that email could u poss send email again

        1. xshopadmin says:

          Hi Mandy i have emailed you check your spam in case it’s gone into spam thanks

      2. mandjames36 says:

        Didn’t receive email could u poss send again

        1. xshopadmin says:

          Hi i have emailed you check your spam might have gone into spam thanks

  18. Marilyn bidding says:

    My wife is very interested in becoming a sex toy tester and would like some info on becoming a sex toy tester thank you

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi thanks for contacting us to become a sex toy tester you either need your own blog so when you write an article review on a sex toy you can post it onto your own blog and link back to our website.if you dont have your own blog then all we ask is purchase a couple of sex toy products from us and write a review about them.if we feel your review is usefull to our customers we will send you further adult products free to test. i hope this helps you thanks

  19. Dawn says:

    Hello there, I would very much like to test sex toys I have quite a lot of experience on this subject if you could let me know thank you Dawn

    1. xshopadmin says:

      Hi Dawn,
      We have emailed you with some information thanks for contacting us.

  20. Tony says:

    Hi every one I would like to be a sex toy tester do I get to test products with sexy women is this how it is done , or do I get to work with all of you what is it I need to do to get into this type of work.

    1. xshopadmin says:

      To become a Sex Toy tester you need to buy a couple of products and then review them when you have tested them.You dont get to work with sexy women unless there testing the sex toys as well. if you want to work with sexy women you need to talk to porn people, i hope this helps you thanks

  21. xshopadmin says:

    Thank you very much you are welcome any time

  22. bitch says:

    I’m very happy to find this great site. I need to to thank you for ones time for this fantastic read!!
    I definitely enjoyed every part of it and i also have you saved to fav to look at new stuff on your website.

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